Thursday March 17 , 2016
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The Culture of Good Governance

Governance is about culture and how governments choose to behave in relation to those being governed.  As we have often mentioned on the program and in my published papers, popular sovereignty is the founding principle to which our government must adhere.  Popular sovereignty is about prudently guarding the interests of the "community of souls."  Those that govern do so at our behest.

For far too long, the power of government has been inexorably shifting to the national government.  The states and the people, protected by the Constitution and in particularly the 10th Amendment, have been preempted by a power hungry Congress and an imperial Presidency.  When the national government operates outside the Constitution, the courses of action open to the states and the people are few but powerful.

We the people can vote the incumbents out of office, which is likely to occur at a high rate over the next several election cycles.  We can modify the Constitution by limiting the ability of the national government to spend our money.  We can certainly have the Governors of the states inform the President that they do not work for the national government and turn down the grant/bribes that continue to flow into the states as ways to control state behavior.

This November, we will have the chance to let the national government know that we are watching, that we are paying attention, that we are better informed, and that we are going to take action.  That action will be to hold politicians accountable for their actions.  They do what is in the best interest of those that want small government, free markets and fiscal responsibility, or they will be on the street.  More later.