Thursday March 17 , 2016
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National Security

Immigration by the Numbers

I offered some numbers related to immigration during the May 4 show.  Here are the important numbers associated with illegal immigration into the United States:

  • Settling on the numbers of illegal immigrants in the United States is very difficult.  Based on my research, I think there are some 14 million individuals in this country illegally.  Also, there 3.8 million children born to these individuals.  Of the 3.8 million children, 75% are US citizens, having been born in this country.
  • As much as 76% of the illegal immigrants live in just 9 states.  Those states are:
    • CA, 23%, 3.2 million
    • TX, 13%, 1.8 million
    • FL, 10%, 1.4 million
    • NY, 10%, 1.4 million
    • NJ, 5%, at least 700K
    • AZ, 5%, at least 700K
    • GA, 4%, at least 550K
    • NC, 3%, at least 400K
    • VA, 3%, at least 400K
  • Iowa has about 70K, NE about 45K and SD about 5K
  • In America, there are 5.3 million illegal immigrant households
  • Educational attainment
    • 47% of illegal immigrants have less than a high school diploma (8% for natives)
    • 33% live in poverty (10% for natives)
    • 50% have no health insurance
    • Illegals comprise 6.5% of the labor force, with 48% of the illegals working in blue or gray collar jobs
  • 94% of illegal immigrants live in large urgan areas as opposed to just 80% of the native population
  • Cost of illegal immigration
    • Most of the costs associated with illegal immigration go into three areas--public education, safety and health
    • The mean income of illegal immigrant households is $30K, median about $36K.  Native household mean income well above $50K
    • Benefits received versus taxes paid
      • In Iowa, illegal immigrant households receive $17,400 more in benefits than they pay in taxes
      • Across the nation, the average is $21,000 per illegal immigrant household
    • The cost of illegal immigration to taxpayers in Iowa is $365 million a year
    • The cost in NE is around $277 million
    • The cost in SD is around $31 million
    • In CA, the cost is around $20 billion a year
  • Employment
    • There are 1.1 million legal immigrants allowed in the country each year, nearly all of which can enter the workforce.
    • There are 500K illegal immigrants entering the country every year, for a total of 1.6 million new workers.
    • These numbers then require the economy to generate at least 125K new jobs each month, just to accommodate the new immigrant workforce
    • Thus, the economy, when all labor entrants are included, must produce at least 150K jobs a month.  To move the unemployment numbers, the economy must produce an additional 150K for each .1% of unemployment
    • The difficulty is that nearly all of the immigrants that come into the country lack work skills, language skills and the education to find suitable employment in a service driven economy

Building a Single National Security Organization

Far too often, we bring the national security debate down to the level of what airplanes to buy or which ships to build.  Unfortunately such narrow focus is harmful to building a strong, vibrant and flexible national defense establishment.  The time is right for bringing homeland security into the national security apparatus.  Defending the homeland is first a Constitutional duty on the part of the national government.  Having distinct security approaches is wasteful of resources and often leads to cross-purposes.  We should have a single national security council that is inclusive of homeland security officials.  As national security policy is no longer an off shore thing, we ought to be focused on dealing with threats that include non-state actors, whether those threats are found in the US or in some foreign country.

Our services and the men and women that wear those uniforms are the very best we have to offer.  We should do all we can to ensure they have all they need to defend this nation.  That includes our undying admiration.  As a veteran, I continue to be amazed at just how good these young people are.  Everytime we have a chance to post to a site like this, we should thank those young people that protect our right to do so.  More later.