Thursday March 17 , 2016
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We are now on the air every weekday.  You have allowed the show to grow to the point that we now have a solid following, but we are looking to expand even more.  With an everyday show, we will vary content as we can.  The political season is upon us, so we will try to interview as many candidates as we can that are in races of interest to the great citizens of the Siouxland.

  • On April 28, Jeff Bauer, Jr., and  Ian Banks, young conservatives, will be in the studio.
  • On April 30, Cate Bryan, republican candidate for the Iowa house will be our guest.
  • On May 5, Bill Anderson, aid to Representative Steve King and candidate for the Iowa senate, will be on.
  • On May 10, Matt Campbell, running in the democrat primary to see who will oppose Steve King, will be calling in.
  • On May 27, Senator Chuck Grassley will be calling in.

We will keep this section updated as things unfold.  Thanks for listening.