Thursday March 17 , 2016
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Government for the People, By the People and of the People

Government is the structure that provides for the public goods and services demanded by the people and funded through our taxes and fees paid for common interests.  We expect that government to be responsive to the constituents of the nation.  Our national government has been mutated horribly by this Congress and this administration by allowing or creating an Extra-Constitutional government structure that is fully engaged in actions that are not part of any checks and balances and have been brought under the mandates of Congressional oversight, such as senatorial advice and consent.  How do we allow this to go on?

The national government is clearly constrained by the Constitution.  However, our current national government is taking a hammer to the Constitution and doing so with full contempt for the people or the sanctity of this most wonderful document.  This arrogance is linked to a level of palpable ignorance on the part of our elected officials that has not been seen before.  This most dangerous combination must be fixed, and the way to fix it is to vote these incompetents out of office.  That is about to happen in November of 2010.

We will hold a lot of discussions on government in this space in the future.  Thanks for listening to Impact with Sam Clovis.