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COS Plans and Documents (in chronological order)

Council June 2013 Protocol
Council June 2013 Protocol
Council Internal Protocol by Graham Jahn dated June 2013 requiring an independent and external assessment  of developments as per ICAC recommendations where council is both developer, assessor and consent authority.

Environmental Assessment checklist

Tender Scope of Works
Appendix A. Technical Specifications.
This Specification covers the following Works:
• Demolition of existing fences, concrete hobs, cricket wicket and nets, and pavements surfaces as documented on the Drawings
• Use of stainless steel tubes
• Use of chain wire for cricket netting

Appendix B. Preliminaries.
Works Revision C March 2014

1.1.1 Boundary fence works
• Demolish existing timber fence and all metal support and concrete retaining hobs
• Supply and install new stainless steel and timber picket fence as detailed
• Supply and install new concrete hob as detailed
• Supply and install new concrete mowing strip as detailed
• Demolish the existing cricket practice net area and salvage the existing cricket nets
• Undertake localised grading
• Make good turf areas

1.1.2 Earth Works
• Possible air spading/hand digging around tree roots for cabling
• Removal and disposal of any contaminated soil
• Locating of any existing electrical and hydraulic ( irrigation) services to ensure clearances maintained

1.1.3 Pavement
• Demolish existing pavement along Waratah Street
• Install new asphalt path as detailed
• Sawcut junctions to existing asphalt paths

1.1.4 General Works
• Provide temporary fencing around the oval and inside the oval (6-10metres) maximum to allow access for plant movement and sports users
• Testing and commissioning
• Provide as Installed Drawings
• 12 months defect liability
• Make good turf areas

Working hours and days: 7.30 am – 5.30 pm (Monday to Friday)

7:30 am – 3.30 pm (Saturday)

Notice: At least 14 days before commencing work, submit to owners and occupants of adjoining property written notice of intention to commence work and an outline description of the type and extent of work.

Appendix C. Environmental Site Management Plan.
Contamination report.

The site contains elevated levels of heavy metals … the risk can be managed

Appendix D. Rushcutters Bay Park As Built Survey.
Electrical plan.

Appendix E. LDCD00 - Cover Sheet.
Fence plan – dotted red lines unclear

Appendix F. LDCD01 - Demolition Plan.
21 additional, new lights along canal, harbour boundary and in park – in addition to light towers also “fence to be demolished...”

Appendix G. LDCD02 - Surface Treatment Sheet 1 of 2.
urface treatment plan eastern side showing new concrete hob for new fence.

Appendix H. LDCD03 - Surface Treatment Sheet 2 of 2.
Surface treatment plan western side showing new concrete hob for new fence.

Appendix I. LDCD04 - Details.
Fence footings showing concrete hobs set into ground post elevation diag. 2.

Appendix J. LDCD05 - Details.
Post and railings alignment plans.

Appendix K. LDCD06 - Details.
Gates plan

Appendix L. LDCD07 - Details.
Timber edging to paving.

Appendix M. LDCD08 - Details - Cricket Nets.
Practice wicket gates and plan.

Appendix N. LDCD09 - Details - Cricket Nets.
Huge 15m X 3 high cricket practice enclosure  in black including 10cm reinforced concrete base on 30cm X 80cm concrete footings.

Appendix O. Annexure A. - AS 4000.
Legal contract/

Appendix P. AS4000 Contract Annexure B-G.
Annexure to contract
Email requesting tender docs
Email sending docs
List of relevant tender forms

Request for Tender.
RFT 1422 Returnable Forms.

Reg Bartley Oval -partial release of plans (23 June 2014)
Demolition Plan
Lightpole Details
Part 1 - Heritage Impact Statement - April 2014
Part 3 - Heritage Report - Lights HIS
Cricket Net Details

John Oultram July 2012 heritage report
John Oultram 2012 Heritage report

John Oultram 2014 Heritage reports  x 3
See above, under heading: Reg Bartley Oval - partial release of plans (23 June 2014)

Memo Relevant to Item 6.15 (23 June 2014)
Memo Relevant to Item 6.15 (date 23 June 2014)

Generic Plan of Management
Council boundary changes in 2004 resulted in 3 different plans of management for each of the former local government areas now being managed by the City. The former plans were consolidated and updated as part of the City's Generic Plan of Management (download below) that provides more information about the City's objectives, operational plan and performance measurement.”


item 76 only in


and item 7.0 in

Monica Barone, CEO, Sydney City Council, letter to individual residents - 30 June 2014
Monica Barone letter to residents - 30 June 2014

Michael Leyland, Director of City Projects & Property, Sydney City Council, letter to Wentworth Courier, 2 July 2014, p 37
Michael Leyland letter to Wentworth Courier, 2 July 2014

Current Views of Reg Bartley Oval (July 2014)

Reg Bartley Oval, 3rd July 2014 2:15pm, looking north towards Sydney Harbour.

Reg Bartley Oval, 3rd July 2014 2:15pm, looking west with Grandstand in middle distance and Gazebo apartments in far distance.

Reg Bartley Oval, 3rd July 2014 2:20pm, looking north to Marina One apartments: light towers in distance.

Reg Bartley Oval, 3rd July 2014 2:20pm, looking east: light towers in distance.

Reg Bartley Oval, 3rd July 2014 2:25pm, looking north towards current, low-scale cricket net area.

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