Sierra Leone

Freetown Church_DM

After a decade devastation through civil war, Sierra Leone is now more than ten years into a process of dramatic rehabilitation and reconstruction. With extensive mineral wealth, and as home to the third largest natural harbour in the world, the country is the focus of significant multinational industrial activity, yet more than 70% of its population still lives in poverty. As Sierra Leone’s economic and socio-political position improves, rapid and increasing urbanisation across the country is placing both a great strain on infrastructure within towns, and resulting in the degradation of beaches and rainforests around them. This impacts disproportionally heavily upon the urban poor.

Aims in Sierra Leone

Living Earth, in collaboration with local partners ACEDO (accelerated Community and Environmental Development Organisation) and The Collective SL, works with communities to empower them to resolve their local environmental and social development issues; through developing awareness, understanding and management skills. Engaging local communities as active stakeholders in developing solutions to development and conservation challenges is essential if such solutions are to be effective, long-lasting and accepted by the communities themselves.

Solid waste in Makeni

Waste to Wealth

With funding from DFID, Living Earth is implementing a pilot project in poor urban areas of Makeni to build the capacity of social enterprises and community based organisations to deliver waste management and recycling services.