The following list is a sample of the kinds of presentations Gary M. Wederspahn has made at professional conferences and seminars. To request his services as a speaker, please contact him via e-mail at:

International Relocation Symposium
"Why Expatriates Need Intercultural Coaching"
October 18, 2004
La Jolla, CA
Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication
"Marketing Intercultural Services"
July 17, 2004
Forest Grove, OR
Wang Center for International Business
"Doing Business in Mexico"
March 18, 2003
Memphis, TN
Thunderbird School for International Business
"Working in the Dominican Republic"
July 30, 2002
Glendale, AZ
North American Small Business International Trade Educators
"Intercultural Savvy in International Trade"
April 12, 2002
San Francisco, CA
Franchise Update Conference
"Intercultural Skills for Cross Border Franchising"
January 12, 2002
Atlanta, GA
Society for Intercultural Training Education and Research
"Making the Case for Intercultural Services"
October 19, 2001
Minneapolis, MN
United Nations High Commission on Refugees
"Intercultural Communications and Teamwork"
May 26, 2000
Geneva, Switzerland
Society for Human Resources IIHR Global Forum
"Managing Intercultural Ethics"
April 8, 1998
Dallas, TX
American Management Association HR Conference
"Developing Intercultural Business Awareness"
April 6, 1998
New York, NY
National Foreign Trade Council
"International Corporate Ethics--Issues and Challenges"
April 1, 1997
New York, NY
Colorado World Trade Center
"Intercultural Business Communication and Negotiations"
March 12, 1997
Boulder, CO
Intercultural Resources Forum
"Selection of Intercultural Service Providers"
October 17, 1996
San Jose, CA
International Personnel Association Conference
"Challenges and Trends with Foreign Nationals on Assignment in the U.S."
April 15,1996
Orlando, FL
AT&T Going International Conference
"Avoiding International Hoof-in-Mouth Disease"
September 27,1995
Denver, CO
International Communications Management Conference
"Intercultural Skills for Global Managers"
April 27, 1995
Chicago, IL
Organization Resource Counselors Conference
"Foreign Assignment USA"
February 23, 1995
Austin, TX
Business Strategies in Latin America Conference
"U.S. - Latin American Negotiations"
March 22, 1994
Miami, FL
Colorado International Human Resource Management Association
"US - Mexican Intercultural Business Issues"
March 16, 1994
Denver, CO
St. Louis International Human Resource Management Association
"Cross-Cultural Factors in International Human Resource Management"
Feb. 16, 1994
St. Louis, MO
American Bar Association International Business Conference
"Intercultural Business Negotiations"
January 21, 1994
Denver, CO
Defense Industry Offset Association
"The Intercultural Dimension of International Business"
November 3, 1993
Ashville, NC
American Countertrade Association
"Intercultural Issues in International Trade"
September 28, 1993
Hot Springs, VA
Small Business Administration NAFTA Conference
"US, Canadian, Mexican Cultural Differences"
September 9, 1993
Denver, CO
Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Conference
"Business Etiquette and Relationship Building"
March 25, 1993
Denver, CO
Federation of Insurance and Corporate Social Counsel Convention
"Intercultural Business and Relations"
February 27, 1993
Scottsdale, AZ
Caribbean/Latin American Action Conference on the Caribbean
"Cross-Cultural Business Issues in the Caribbean Region"
December 2, 1992
Miami, FL
The Foreign Benefits Group Conference
"Controlling Costs of International Human Resource Management Failures"
October 15, 1992
Colorado Springs, CO
World Trade Institute
"Selection and Training of Expatriates"
June 11-12, 1992
New York, NY
American Society for Training and Development Conference
"Understanding American Cultural Baggage"
June 3, 1992
New Orleans, LA
SIETAR International Conference
"Time, Culture and the Information Age"
May 13, 1992
Montego Bay, Jamaica
Runzheimer International Conference
"Controlling Expatriate Assignment Costs"
April 29, 1992
New York, NY
New England Relocation Association
"Selection and Training of Expatriates"
December 11, 1991
Sturbridge, MA
Employee Relocation Council
"Specialized Expatriate Needs"
September 25, 1991
Boca Raton, FL
Human Resources Planning Society
"Global Executive Development"
June 12, 1991
Newport, RI
Bell Laboratories Diversity Seminar
"Cultural Awareness for Managing Ethnic Diversity"
April 18, 1991
Naperville, IL
International Law Conference
"Intercultural Business Challenges"
February 17, 1991
Denver, CO
National Business Aircraft Association
"Cross-Cultural Customer Service"
January 7, 1991
San Antonio, TX