Living Earth Foundation has been working in Iran since 2006, initially working within the framework of the Persian Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) project, in which Shell and Repsol were key partners. Since January 2010 however, Living Earth has been working in Iran with the support of the European Commission (EC).

Objectives in Iran

Living Earth recognises the importance of promoting cross-sector relationships in the region and is working with key Iranian and international stakeholders to provide a platform for dialogue to ensure that relevant local and regional partners experience positive impacts from industrial projects and are satisfied with the ways that issues are managed.

A profile of Living Earth in Iran can also be downloaded in Farsi here.


Dialogue and Development in Asalouyeh: Developing Alliances for Sustainable Development

This project was launched in January 2010. The project seeks to ensure that industrial projects in the area of Asalouyeh help to contribute to poverty reduction through the generation of equitable economic, environmental and social benefits for the different sectors and groups of the region.

For more information on our work in Iran, please contact:

Edgardo Garcia-Larralde
Senior Programme Manager
Living Earth Foundation (UK) Tel: + 44 207 4409757