Politician Ron Barber is not who he says he is

For Immediate Release

August 4, 2014

TUCSON – We know Ron Barber believes in a harmful partisan agenda; all you have to do is listen to him speak off-the-cuff, when he’s unfiltered and airing his true beliefs. Now that he’s facing a staunch reelection challenge, though, he’s trying to hide where he really stands on issues, like his firm support for Obamacare.

“Ron Barber is not who he says he is. When he’s not being fed politically correct lines from handlers and staff, he’s eager to express his support for partisan policies that Southern Arizonans don’t support,” said McSally Campaign Spokesman Patrick Ptak. “Voters want someone they can trust, not a politician only looking out for his next election. Martha McSally is an independent leader who will serve us with honesty and integrity and do what’s right for Southern Arizona.”

On the issue of Obamacare, Barber would like voters to believe he isn’t firmly behind this disastrous law that is hurting families and businesses across Southern Arizona. Flashback to 2009, however, when Barber praised the law through a bullhorn and even called for the creation of a government-controlled “public option” – a proposal considered even too extreme to make it into Obamacare.

Barber also revealed his staunch support for Obamacare when he praised President Obama for his leadership on the law at a closed-door Democrat retreat earlier this year, showing he’s happy to air his support for President Obama’s partisan agenda, as long as there are no voters around.


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  • Barber praised the President for his leadership on Obamacare (“Obama Thanks Democrats For “Hanging In There” On Obamacare,” Buzzfeed, 2/14/2014).