Lake County Cemetery List

The Lake County Genealogical Society saw the need to identify and preserve grave records in Lake County. Some 12,000 graves were recorded in 17 cemeteries that are maintained and used, three which have been abandoned, and four other burial sites. The Lake County Genealogical Society was born in the mind of Gladys Tratabas, business teacher at Dakota State College. In October, 1982 a small group met for an organizational meeting. The following summer the task of listing graves was begun. Members, along with several interested friends, visited each cemetery, recorded data on the headstones, double checked this information with records in the county courthouse and church records where available. This information was alphabetized and typed.

Any omissions or mistakes in this publication were not committed intentionally, and the society does not wish to be held responsible in any way. The Society is grateful to the many people who assisted with this project. Special appreciation is extended to the Karl Mundt Foundation for funding the cost of publication.

Members of the Society who made this endeavor possible are Ruby Kuchenbecker (Mrs. Leonard), president, Beverly Hunter (Mrs. Merrill) vice-president, Mary Hagen (Mrs. Selmer), secretary-treasurer, Marlene Boer (Mrs. Eugene), Celeste Harrington, Carol Storrs (Mrs. Leo), Evelyn Johnson (Mrs. James), Darwin Algra, Marge Wood (Mrs. Howard), Janet Reynolds (Mrs. Burnel).

Since then, Sue Larsen and Bonnie Olson continue to research and refine the cemetery records. The amount of graves is now approximately 15,000.

You can also search the obituaries that can be found in binders at Smith-Zimmermann Museum.

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Cemetery List in Lake County, South Dakota

Ash Grove, Nunda Twp Franklin, Franklin Twp. Freedom, Concord Twp.
Graceland, Lakeview Twp. Gracevale, Clarno Twp. Lake Herman Park, Herman Twp.
Lake Madison, LeRoy Twp. Lake Park, Rutland Twp. Old Lake Madison, Lakeview Twp.
Olson, Winfred Twp. Pleasant Hill, Chester Twp. Prairie Queen, Summit Twp.
Prairie Village, Herman Twp. Prospect, Chester Twp. Ramona, Badus Twp.
Rose Hill, Wentworth Twp. St. Ann's, Badus Twp. St. John's, Concord Twp.
St. Peter's, Orland Twp. St. Thomas, Lakeview Twp. St. William's, Badus Twp.
South Lake Campbell, Summit Twp. Towles, Wayne Twp. Winfred, Winfred Twp.

Township Map of Lake County

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Township Map of Lake County

Historic note: The Lake County Genealogical Society researched and recorded the cemetery records of the cemeteries in Lake County South Dakota, 1985. The information was compiled into a book entitled Cemeteries of Lake County South Dakota. The cost for publication was funded by the Karl Mundt Foundation, Robert McCaughey, administrator. A reference copy of this book is at the Smith-Zimmermann Museum.

An addend for the years of 1986 to 1992 was recorded by Ruby Kuckenbecker. Additional editing and recording has been an on-going project of Bob Walker, Sue Larsen and Bonnie Olson.