Should I Change My Old Style Fuse Box?

There are a number of reasons why you should replace the old style fuse box with a new style consumer unit.

Old Fuse Box

I am always consistent in safety being the principle driver. A modern electrical consumer unit with miniature circuit breakers  (MCB’s) and residual Circuit Devices (RCDs) is far safer than the old type of electrical fuse box.

Electrical Consumer Unit


Whilst these have to be installed in new buildings and when specified by building regulations on refurbishments many other people are replacing their old ones with these.  If you have problems with your electrical circuits and need some work to be done, most reputable electricians will suggest that you replace your old fuse unit as well.

We often get called in to review wiring by chartered surveyors report on houses for sale. Mainly because the old fuse box is a sign that the wiring has not been touched for years. So either hoe sellers ask us to replace or it is one of the first tasks that are asked for by new home owners based on the report.

Just to be clear changing your fuse box is not something for the DIY person. So call in an experienced electrician. Whilst I would prefer you to call me, I would rather you called a professional. Whilst it is difficult to be precise about the cost, as it depends on a lot of factors such as the number of rings, inputs, state of wires, accessibility etc  I would highly recommend the replacement. The easiest way to advance is to call a reputable electrical contractor who will be give you  a free quotation.

So why not call me today and we discuss on the phone the options, perhaps combined with other requirements such as adding some additional sockets so you have a price range to see if it fits with your requirements.

So phone on 0207 689 7536

Modern Consumer Unit

An example of a modern consumer unit