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MWEB Talk is MWEB's VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) service. It allows you to make cheap calls to landline and mobile numbers, and free calls to other MWEB Talk numbers, via your Internet connection.

Please refer to the MWEB Talk Call Rates below.

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Terms and conditions apply. See Terms & Conditions below for more details.

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This deal includes:

  • A free subscription to MWEB Talk and an MWEB Talk number.
  • MWEB Talk software for PC, MAC, iOS (iPhone), Android and Symbian (Nokia) smartphones
  • Ability to sign-up linked accounts for your family members
  • Free calls to other MWEB Talk numbers (standard data charges will apply) and cheap calls to landline and mobile numbers
  • Per second billing on all calls to landlines and mobile numbers, reducing costs further

MWEB Talk is a Voice-over IP (VoIP) service that lets you make cheap calls to mobile or landline numbers – as well as FREE calls to other MWEB Talk customers using your MWEB Internet connection.
Once you sign up for a Free MWEB Talk account, we’ll give you your own VoIP number. It works much like a phone number, and you’ll use it whenever you need to make and receive calls over the Internet
  • A VoIP-enabled phone or software application for your computer
  • An Internet connection – anything above a 2Mbps connection is best
  • There’s no monthly subscription fees for MWEB customers
  • Calls to other MWEB Talk subscribers are free
  • You only pay for your calls to other mobile and landline numbers
  • Remember that local and international call rates apply

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MWEB TALK Call Rates


  • MWEB TALK numbers
  • SA Mobile - Vodacom
  • SA Mobile - MTN
  • SA Mobile - Cell C
  • SA Mobile - 8.ta
  • Telkom Landlines
  • International

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Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions apply: All rates quoted include VAT. All calls exclude the cost of Internet data when making and receiving calls. All rates are quoted per minute but billed per second, from the first second. All rates are quoted in South Africa Rand and are subject to change. 'Peak' rates apply from Monday to Friday from 7am to 8pm, 'Off Peak' rates apply to hours that are not specified as 'Peak' rates, and includes public holidays. 'Off Peak' rates apply from Monday to Friday from 8:01pm - 6:59am.