ATL WEBFEST is an interactive festival designed to connect the film, business, and technology communities in a way that will spark new ideas and showcase the talent and innovation that the southeast has to offer.

As independent filmmakers bypass traditional means to share their work, our panels and networking events will provide attendees with the resources and associations they need to build and grow a successful online series or show.

Our mission is simple: to grow and nurture innovation for creatives in digital film and video production industries.

Who should attend ATL WEBFEST?

Whether you’re an established web series producer, or an aspiring filmmaker looking to jump into the digital space—ATL WEBFEST is for you! Come learn about the latest products and tools to launch your online show, or connect with professionals who will share their insights and business strategies to help you increase viewership, engagement and generate revenue from your work.

Additionally, we’ll be screening and celebrating some of the best web series and videos online at the ATL WEBFEST Awards.