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‘March for Life’ counter-presence

The Radical Handmaids will be attending this year’s March for Life as part of the contingent of pro-choicers who bear witness to the lies, deception and flat out WTF-this-is-so-bizarre nature of the anti-choice movement.

Rather than chanting or engaging with the marchers, we will instead be remaining silent. Not in the ‘let’s-tape-our-mouths-shut’ way that anti-choicers do.

Instead, our choice to remain silent and not engaging with the marchers comes from the knowledge that most of the marchers are students who are bused into the march as a form of indoctrination.

They are told that pro-choicers are ‘loud’, ‘crazy’, ‘irrational’ and ‘obscene’.

Therefore, by remaining silent, stoic and simply holding up signs, we are hoping to encourage them to do their own research and question what they are being told by their schools, religious leaders and often times, family members.

We will meet on Parliament Hill at noon with the rest of the amazing pro-choice contingent. From there, we will move to a second location to ‘take position’ and silently hold up signs and banners.

If you would like to join us, get creative with your costume & signs. However, we ask that if you want to arrive in costume and stand with us, that you respect our desire to not engage and remain stoic, rather than joining in the cheers and chanting.

It can be very difficult to not engage. They make it so damn hard sometimes! However, we feel it’s important.

We fully respect the right of folks to get loud, chant and shout-down the hatred of the anti-choice movement. And if that’s what you want to do, we encourage you to join the great pro-choicers doing just that.

As pro-choicers, we are all in this together and we must use a diversity of tactics to get our message across.

May 9th, noon, Parliament Hill. Bring your signs, banners and of course, your best RadHands costume.

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