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SageSim-es™ - Energy System Simulator 
Residential and commercial energy systems are complex, include multiple variables, depend on geographic location, and are difficult to optimize. Energy efficiency (EE) improvements
and renewable energy (RE) sources can have a positive impact on the environment, but require additional ROI analysis. As a result, energy system providers spend too much time estimating
system price/performance and end-consumers make decisions based on sub-optimized and incomplete information.

SageSim-es accelerates the sales cycle of renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies. The patent-pending web application tackles the complexity of optimizing energy systems
by modeling all points of energy consumption, energy efficiency improvements, non-renewable and renewable energy sources, geographic constraints, and economic objectives.

Features and Benefits:  
  • Fast ROI analysis of the complete energy system

  • Residential, commercial, and industrial  structures

  • Consumption based on DOE defaults or actual use

  • Models PV solar, wind, geothermal and solar heat

  • Models EE improvements and high-efficiency HVAC

  • Uses geographic constraints (weather, sun, wind)

  • Accounts for future electric/fuel prices

  • Includes Federal, State, and Local incentives

  • Statistical and what-if analysis of key variables