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1. Front Two-foot Position          

2. Front One-foot Position          

3. Front Toe-hold Position          

4. Back Two-foot Position           

5. Back One-foot Set-up Position

6. Back One-foot Position           

7. Back Toe-hold Position           


8. Incorrect Arch in Foot                   Read the Foot Ski article!


9. Exposed Tendon...OUCH!!!           Read the Foot Ski article!


10. Correct Foot...Completely Flat!!!         Read the Foot Ski article!

11. Front Toe-up dry land practice

12. Lane Dawg Bower’s Theory of Resistance! Click HERE for the Article!

Click HERE for Pictures #1

Click HERE for Pictures #2

13. Say "NO!" to water up the schnoz! Click HERE for the article!

14. Back Tumble Start: Handle positions; Click HERE to read the article!

picture #1

picture #2

picture #3





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