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  Buzzards Bay 42 2012 Model Year Specifications

Each Buzzards Bay is a handcrafted purpose built origional. We give our owners a...

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The Buzzards Bay Cats Blog

04/11/2010 - 4:28pm

Welcome to The Buzzards Bay Blog.  The purpose of this blog is to discuss the technical aspects of a Buzzards Bay and how they benefit you, the boater.  We will break down the catamaran...


Buzzards Bay Cats

The Buzzards Bay Experience

Log entries describing the experiences of our yacht owners.

Buzzards Bay Cats

 Performance that is Beyond the Ordinary Limits of the status quo

  • Fuel efficiency improvements of 50 to 75% over the competition  Data Link
  • Shallow water design 
  • Largest interiors and storage space  Info Link

Unparalleled performance in all areas without compromise is the promise which Buzzards Bay Cats delivers.  Our highly developed catamaran hull designs and light weight advanced composite construction methods combine to deliver performance levels not available to the mainstream production vessels.    

"A fast, soft-riding, all weather cat designed to make cruising easy" 

Peter A. Janssen, January 2010