Secret Files 3 released today

Part three of the successful German point & click adventure series released today!

Adventurer Nina is looking forward to her wedding with her fiancé Max Gruber when a SWAT team suddenly bursts into their apartment and kidnaps him. The authorities have no knowledge of the operation - so who is responsible?

Whilst searching for Max, Nina keeps encountering the number Pi. She uncovers an ancient secret whose tracks lead from Archimedes to Leonardo da Vinci right up to the present day and CERN in Switzerland.

Players must solve many puzzles in order to advance through the compelling crime story. With four possible endings, it remains to be seen whether or not Nina and Max will live happily ever after.

True to the series' tradition, Secret Files 3 weaves an exciting and mysterious story around real phenomena.

Secret Files 3 is available exclusively for the PC via Steam as from September 14.

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