Hunting a sensational story in Africa

In Secret Files: Sam Peters, journalist Sam gets her own adventure

A Secret Files spin-off with the popular Sam Peters is the next project to be released by the proven team, Animation Arts and Deep Silver! In Secret Files 2, the journalist must save herself and get from an island back to the mainland – but that is only the beginning. A whole new adventure is starting for Sam!

The reporter is already on the trail of the next hot story: Scientists in Africa have discovered changes in the genetic codes of aquatic animals. Their home, Lake Bosumtwi, was formed over a million years ago through the impact of a meteor. Could it be that alien lifeforms made it to Earth that way?

The point & click adventure Secret Files: Sam Peters will offer several hours of playing time and is going to be available starting Octobre 18, 2013, to be downloaded for € 9,99 Euro.

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