Penis Enlargement Exercise Types & Categories

Depending on what you want to accomplish with penis enlargement exercises, your choices will make the most of your efforts. While some guys want to add more width and others wish to use them with the intention of adding more length, all you have to do is use a specific type of exercise.

Penis Stretching Exercises Kegel Exercises Jelqing Accordingly, this article is for you if you want to learn about common enlargement exercise types.

Exercises are the easiest form of natural penis enlargement available and anyone can learn the basics and try them out within minutes. Further more, progressive techniques will fall into place like they've been a second nature after you grasp the fundamentals.

To help you build your very own routine, everything featured on this page will help you learn about the techniques that fall into different types of enlargement based categories, compliments of the guys who practice what they preach here at

Ultimately, this page is helpful for two types of people - the individuals trying to determine whether exercises are the right choice for their intentions and for self-practitioners ready to use exercises and benefit from all they have to offer.

Before performing any exercise described on this page, except kegels, you should perform a warm-up routine. Learn how to do so by clicking here.

To begin, length exercises are the best place to start.

Click on one of these exercise types to learn more:

Jelqing Exercises: Hybrid Length And Width Gains

This category by far features the most popular and effective exercises. This type of exercise is the first (or second after stretching exercises) you should perform after your warm-up routine. Jelqing exercises are essential if you want to add more length, width or desire an improvement towards all aspects of your size.

Exercises within this category range from beginner, intermediate, and advanced techniques, offering the most benefit out of any exercise category. Just below is the core variant of Jelqing worthy of practicing for enlargement purposes:

How To Perform A Basic Jelqing Exercise

  1. Once you have finished warming up begin by form the “ok” grip using your thumb + index + middle finger (optional) with your preferred hand and lightly wrap this grip around the base of your penis.

    The motion involved with this exercise will begin pulling (or milking) outwards or perpendicular from your body.

  2. Ensure your grip is tight, but not too tight and begin to glide your hand in this position up the length of your shaft.

    It should take you roughly 3 seconds to reach the end of your shaft. You have almost completed one repetition once your hand has reached just behind the glans (head). Do not performing the Jelqing motion on your glans.

  3. This is one repetition. Switch hands and perform the same motions.

Establishing A Jelq Routine

A Jelqing routine starts with 100 Jelqs per day, 5 - 6 days out of the week, the first week and increases by 100 each week until you reach 500 per day. After this, advanced techniques can be incorporated into your routine to avoid the plateau effect and to also continue producing measurable gains.

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Penis Stretching & Adding More Length

Gaining more length is what most guys are after, signifying the need of this type of exercise for every practitioners needs. Here is what you need to know about length techniques and stretching for enlargement.

How To Perform A Penis Stretching Exercise Using The “Long Schlong”

The “Long Schlong” is a length exercise you should use, even if it is termed differently or prefer a different variation. If it is, you can reference these steps to ensure it is a stretching technique.

  1. First, form the “ok” grip with your index + plus middle fingers and your thumb. Slightly grasp your shaft just behind the head with your preferred hand.

  2. Begin pulling outwards, perpendicular to your body. Hold this position for no more than 30 seconds.

  3. Now perform these steps by pulling your penis to the left, right, down, and then up.

  4. You should complete a total of five repetitions to complete one set.

  5. Thats all it takes to complete a basic stretching exercise! See how easy that was?

Length Exercise Routine

So we have established that one set consists of 5 repetitions. You should aim for 10 sets the first week, 5 - 6 days on and one day for recovery. Increase the amount of sets you complete by 5 each week until you reach 50.

Once you reach this peak, you should then progress to an intermediate version of a penis stretching exercise variant.

The Penis Health exercise program can guide you the rest of the way. Click the image below to step up your routine. Ignore this if you want freebies and continue down the page for further training tutorials.

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Kegel Exercises For Men- Core Penis Enlargement Type

The Kegel exercise is said to result in a multitude of benefits if practiced properly, frequently, and in conjunction to exercises have a direct result of penis size. There is much discussion about its use, results, and benefits, so to sum this type of exercise up, the benefits will probably help you understand Kegeling better.

The benefits are broad, but to name a few that impact penis enlargement....

  • Kegels improve blood flow all throughout the pelvic region, indirectly impacting the size of your penis and also boosting the effects of other types of exercises such as Jelqing.

  • Enhance the control of ejaculatory response, ejaculate trajectory, and increase overall semen volume.

  • Intensify orgasms and the frequency or orgasms.

  • Kegels help you control the angle of your erection, as noted from advanced practitioners, a.k.a pornstars and advanced exercise users

How A Kegel Exercise For Men Is Performed

A kegel is one of the easiest exercises to perform, but the reason most men do not go through with them is because they simply do not know how to perform this technique. How many should I do? What is it suppose to feel like? Am I practicing the Kegel technique properly? These are common questions I find unanswered in forums quite often, so in light of these misfortunes, this is what you need to know to be successful with Kegel exercises.

  1. When you are urinating, have you ever acknowledged the light tension (contraction) running along the floor of your pelvic region? That is your PC muscle. This is the muscle that Kegel exercises target and strengthen.

  2. Try contracting this muscle and releasing it. What did it feel like? Remember this feeling as you will need to be accustom with it. Contract it a few more times just to be sure you have a good feel for what you are doing.

  3. Once you’ve familiar with this feeling, now its time to perform this exercise by contracting your PC muscle, pausing for 3 - 5 seconds, and then releasing.

  4. Do this about 50 times your first week per day. You can practice this technique whenever and wherever you are, all in good time.

How To Incorporate Kegels Into Your Routine

Kegels by themselves take only a few minutes per day. Practicing Kegels in conjunction with other exercises gives your penis more of a workout since this technique directly affects blood flow within your pelvic region, which indirectly affects penis size.

Increasing blood flow to your penis is the key to success and the Kegel is one of the best ways of doing so.

Start with 50 kegels your first week, 5 to 6 days per week, with one day allotted for recovery and add 50 more reps per week until you reach 500 hundred per day. I’ve read routines where some men perform 1000 per day. That is a bit excessive, although if you practice kegeling over a prolonged time frame, then I see no reason why you shouldn't be doing so too.

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Width Based Exercise Types - Penis Squeezing & Girth Expansion

Squeezing techniques are great exercises to practice once you have established a basic workout routine and are looking to make significant improvements in size. This exercise type should be incorporated into your routine once you have practiced all of the core exercises on this page for at least one month. Squeeze based techniques are designed for intermediate practitioners whom already grasped basic concepts.

The benefits are as followed if you use just the right technique:

  • A wider, thicker penis when both flaccid and erect.

  • Harder and firmer erections.

  • A wider penis will stimulate your partner more, orgasmically.

  • Your visual appeal will increase significantly.

How To Perform A Basic Squeeze Technique

Due to the nature of this technique, you penis will need to be semi-erect. erect based exercises should be practiced by only if you know what you are doing. You can harm yourself if misused, so follow these steps with caution in mind.

Perform these steps word for word and DO NOT try to critique this technique because you feel it will produce gains faster!

  1. Stimulate an erection that is equal to 60% max of a full erection. This does take moderate skill to do. If and when you are practicing and feel the urge to “go”, hold back for a minute or two and continue. Try rubbing your penis or slapping it against your inner thigh lightly.

  2. With your preferred hand, form the “ok” sign and lightly grasp your shaft just behind the glans (head).

  3. With your other hand, place two of your dominate fingers underneath the shaft. Now position them 25% away from the base of your shaft.

  4. Begin stretching your penis by pulling outwards and with your other hand, start bending your penis downwards with the other. Do not use too much force, you should feel light tension.

  5. Be wary of any pain or discomfort as this may be a sign something is wrong, either with your health or technique.

  6. One repetition should last approximately 20 seconds and no longer than 30 seconds.

Incorporating A Squeeze Technique Into Your Routine

The steps above explained how to perform a squeeze technique downwards, now its time to perform all of these steps again, instead bending your penis to the right, left, and then up. Each repetition should last between 20 and 30 seconds, totalling 5 repetitions to equal one session.

You can progress this example of a squeeze exercise type by using more than two fingers to induce squeezing pressure and expand your size even further.

If you have read about your exercise of choice, you can find exceptional versions of all of these exercise types in the PenisHealth exercise program by clicking here.

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