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Econsultancy's first Realities of Online Personalization Report, sponsored by Monetate, is based on a survey of more than 1,100 digital and ecommerce professionals working for brands and agencies.

The research looks in detail at what is driving online personalization, the tactics and types of data being used to tailor the online customer experience and the barriers to success.

This year's study shows that while companies see personalization as a high priority (the vast majority of respondents agree that 'personalization of the web experience is critical to current and future success'), most are stuck in the slow lane when it comes to implementation. A large proportion say they understand the importance of personalization, but don’t know where to start and how to approach it.

The 46-page report, also summarized in presentation format, is divided into the following sections:

  • Extent of personalization, drivers and barriers
  • Use of data and real-time onsite behavior
  • Measurement and segment discovery
  • Channels, targets and data
  • Tactics and testing strategies
  • Ownership and budgets

We have identified six key trends:

  • Personalization is seen as vital for business performance
  • But it is early days for personalization – the reality is harder than the dream
  • Most companies are still held back by technology
  • Disparate data sources – another major problem 
  • Most organizations have a desktop-centric online customer experience focus ... but phones and tablets should not be ignored
  • Companies see personalization as a high priority, but extent of tactics and testing is limited

Table of contents

  1. Executive Summary and Highlights
  2. Foreword by Monetate
    1. About Econsultancy
    2. About Monetate
  3. Methodology and Sample
    1. Methodology
    2. Respondent profiles
  4. Findings
    1. Extent of personalization, drivers and barriers
      1. Extent of personalization
      2. Main driver for personalizing the website experience
      3. Opinions on personalization
      4. Barriers to adopting or improving personalization
    2. Use of data and real-time onsite behavior
      1. Use of data from CRM systems or data warehouses
      2. Barriers to using data from CRM systems or data warehouses
      3. Use of real-time onsite behavior
      4. Barriers to using real-time onsite behavior
    3. Measurement and segment discovery
      1. Quantifying improvement in conversion rates
      2. Use of automated segment discovery
      3. Number of segments used to target personalized experiences
    4. Channels, targets and data
      1. Channels used to deliver personalized experiences
      2. Primary targets – existing customers or new visitors?
      3. Data used to personalize the online customer experience
      4. Types of personalization
    5. Tactics and testing strategies
      1. Personalization tactics currently used
      2. Personalization based on technographic factors
      3. Website locations used to create personalized experiences
      4. Use of A/B and multivariate testing
      5. Use of defined customer segments
    6. Ownership and budgets
      1. Personalization and optimization budgets
      2. Organizational ownership
  5. Appendix: Respondents Profiles
  6. Geographic location
  7. Industry sector
  8. Annual company revenue

Download a copy of the report to learn more.

free sample is available for those who want more detail about what is in the report.


  • Pdf SAMPLE: The Realities of Online Personalisation Report (615 KB PDF)
  • Pdf Disabled The Realities of Online Personalisation Report (1.66 MB PDF)
  • Pdf Disabled Presentation: The Realities of Online Personalisation (2.25 MB PDF)
  • Excel Disabled The Realities of Online Personalisation Data (66.4 KB Microsoft Excel)

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