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In 2008 London United were engaged by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport to deliver a seminal strategic visioning half day on 'Sustainability' for a closed gathering of the principals and heads of the major U.K. institutions with a remit for Culture, Media, Sport, Arts, Heritage and Tourism.

The unique event - 'the 'S' word'  took place on the 14th November 2008 and was hosted by Sir Nicholas Serota, Director of The Tate Gallery and took place at Tate Modern.

aladin and John Grant facilitated the session, along with other members of London United .

"A big issue needs a big approach. I found it revelatory and I think I will be digesting it for a long time to come."
Principal of a cultural institution of international significance.



London United were at Greengaged, 15-23 September '08 at the London Design Festival. Visit the website, view the press release .

"Greengaged is excited to host sessions from the ground-breaking London United team in their hotly anticipated return to action following 2gether08 in July this year".

aladin, John Grant, Lea Simpson, Tyler Moorehead, Cyndi Rhoades, Sophie Thomas and other members of the eleven-strong London United collective co-led sessions at the 2008 London Design Festival's heavily oversubscribed Greengaged week at the Design Council in Covent Garden.

"The collective will accompany you on a memorable exploration of what it means to be in London in 2058 – and today. The London United sessions are designed to stimulate fresh thinking and a deeper personal connection with the challenges of designing a more resilient, sustainable and humane world, one city at a time": Greengaged

Highlights of London United at Greengaged:

Monday 15th September '08, 6.30-8.30p.m.: Creative Session: "Imagine 2058". John Grant and other members of the eleven-strong London United collective took a group to London in 2058. During the session - and without having left their seats - participants actually experienced  travelling through the city 50 years hence, in a segment led by aladin.

Friday 19 September '08, 11pm-1am : Night tour: "Re-thinking the city". Central London; location was revealed on the night. With aladin from LondonUnited. A nightwalk around London, without pre-meditated itinerary, stimulating and re-fashioning ways of encountering the urban space, apprenticing the travellers into some of the oldest known traditions of dealing with unseens. 

Tuesday 23rd September '08, 2pm- 5pm: Creative Session: "Hard, fast conversations about designing for a future". A diverse range of forward thinkers met in fast moving, small group discussions to cross fertilize ideas and generate new strategies for the future of sustainable design. LondonUnited members Sophie Thomas, John Grant and aladin were joined by top innovators from all fields to brain storm around some of the big issues concerning climate change. The session got participants thinking with biomimicry architects, top material scientists, leading economists in happiness and cutting edge fashion designers. It put creative skills to work in the search for innovative ideas. With Dr Kate Fletcher, London College of Fashion; Michael Pawlyn, Exploration Architecture; Nic Marks, nef ; Toni Spencer, Embercombe/Schumacher; Alison Tickell, Julie's Bicycle; Miriam Elia; Lone Sigurdsson; Mark Borkowski; Siddhartha Das - and many others.

"Let us take you by the hand and lead you through the streets of London" (London United at Greengaged)


London United's first public appearance was at 2gether08: A festival of ideas, popular technologies and progress, London 2-3 July '08. John Grant directed the participation of fellow London United members with backgrounds in activism, design, policy, (internet and cleantech) start-ups, publishing, fashion and magic. London United led a two day workshop to form a fresh point of view on life in London in 2050.

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"The highlights..: London United, a workshop from London’s hottest new entrepreneurs, activists, designers and technologists." 2gether08