SteamOS is coming


One year after introducing of the Big Picture Mode and a half year after releasing of Steam for Linux, Valve is now going to announce the "expansion of the Steam universe" in 3 steps.

On Monday, the first leg of the grand plan was introduced. In this step, Valve has announced the development of a Linux-based operating system SteamOS. The new operating system was specially designed for the TV to make Steam usable as a game console in the living room. For a smooth game experience, Valve is continuously improving the graphics, audio and controller performance on SteamOS. In addition to supporting games, previously ported to Linux, SteamOS will allow playing all Windows or Mac games by streaming them to the SteamOS devices.

Moreover, SteamOS will provide a variety of multimedia and social applications. So, among others, it will allow using of all the music or movie services on it.

Although after the release of Steam for Linux and the trouble with Windows, the development of a Linux-based operating system by Valve for their "game console" was predictable, the fact that it's going to happen so fast, was not expected.

According to Valve, SteamOS will be soon available as a free download.

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