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Ole Tangen (Producer/Reporter)

Originally from New Jersey, Tangen received his B.A. from St. Michael’s College in Vermont and his M.A. in Visual and Media Arts at Emerson College in Boston. Out of college, Tangen began his career as a newspaper reporter and editor in the US and Europe. His first job in documentary production was as a production assistant in Brussels, producing short documentaries for and about the European Union.

After seeing an article about the Cape Wind Project, Tangen decided to document the story and has since been granted complete access by both sides of the debate. In January 2002, Wind Over Water received the GIVE Award, a $5,000 grant from Emerson College to complete the documentary. This is Tangen’s first full-length documentary project.

Tangen hopes that this documentary will act as a springboard into his envisioned career in broadcast journalism and current affairs documentary production. For him the visual medium is most powerful of all forms of media. Today with current video technology and the Internet, making visual media is within reach of freelancers and independent producers.

For Wind Over Water, Tangen produced, shot, wrote and edited this film all with his own equipment, something that would have been impossible five years earlier. Tangen hopes to continue to take advantage of this new accessibility by using his camera and laptop to tell other stories not being covered by traditional media outlets.


Tangen is also available for screenings and conferences to discuss the making of his film and the Cape Wind debate. If interested feel free to contact Ole at ole@windoverwater.org.


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