Beverage Group International is a Compliance and Logistics specialist for Alcohol Beverage Producers with an efficient and streamlined “Gateway to the US Market”. We offer complete supply chain services facilitating your product sales to customers in the US at a cost greatly reduced from that of a traditional Importer.
Why Use Us
With 25+ years of professional experience in the wine industry, BGI’s focus on compliance & logistics gets your product to the US market legally and efficiently while offering complete supply chain services allowing the producer to begin selling immediately.

How We Are Different
Our pricing model is advantageous to Producers in a broad spectrum of price ranges allowing your products to be more competitive in the US market. How? The additional profit can be used at the producers discretion to engage a broker, sales representative, marketing & public relations agencies or having a more competitive price in the market.

Trade Name Registration

A trade name, also known as a trading or business name, is the name which a business trades under for commercial purposes

When appropriate and at Client’s request, BGI will file with appropriate authorities in the U.S. (NY State and Federal TTB) a “Client Business Trade Name” as a trade name (dba) of BGI. The Client could then use their Business Trade Name on product labels and marketing materials.

US Market Trends

Approximately 13M new consumers poised to enter the market each year for the next 2 - 3 years.

Total per capita wine consumption scheduled to rise approximately 1 - 2% per year for the next 2 years.

Weak economy has hurt on-premise sales & sales of wine above $50.00 per bottle at retail.


- Warehousing / Storage 
- Trade Name Registration
- FDA Registration
- Label Approval
- State Compliance & Registration
- State Price Posting & Reporting
- Logistics Coordination
- US Customs Coordination
- Distributor Invoicing
- Inventory Management