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Meow Parlour: New York’s Cozy Cat Cafe

July 1, 2015

I can’t describe to you how excited I was to find out that New York City will get its own cat cafe. Cat cafes have been a staple of Japanese culture for a while, and there are dozens of them in Tokyo alone. Now I don’t have the travel to Japan (or to San Francisco, apparently) to get the unique experience of enjoying a cup of coffee next to several four-pawed furballs. We just need to have a cat island as well and I’ll be totally satisfied.

Me and my friend, Katrin, decided to visit the cozy cat haven, appropriately named Meow Parlour, for her birthday. Katrin has her own set of furballs but she’s always excited to cheat on them and spend time with other cats.

Meow Parlour is located in Lower East Side and has a nice glass storefront through which you can glimpse inside and observe the proceedings. Some of the cats like to hang out by the storefront and provide much needed entertainment for the passersby.

IMG_5328 copy

The cats at Meow Parlour are all incredibly well groomed and taken care of. It was a pleasure to spend more than an hour with them, taking photos, playing, and watching others engage with them. FIY, all cats in Meow Parlour are up for adoption, so if you’ve taken a liking to a particular cat, there is also an option of taking him/her home.

IMG_5352 copy

Despite the hustle and bustle of strangers coming in and out, most of the cats seemed completely relaxed. In fact, most were napping.

IMG_5389 copy

meet Bandit—he was an utter delight

IMG_5404 copy

as expected, the decor is spectacularly catified

IMG_5415 copy

IMG_5384 copy

IMG_5330 copy

IMG_5418 copy

IMG_5427 copy

IMG_5468 copy

Scientific Law: if there is a box, there will be a cat inside

There are several rules to make your visit to Meow Parlour a success. First and foremost, you need to make a reservation. Once you’ve done that and waited out a month or however long it will take depending on the next available appointment, there are a few things to keep in mind:

1) You can’t bring outside food into the cafe. But you can purchase drinks on premises and you can also make a run to a patisserie around the corner and get a treat for yourself such as a sad cat macaroon (which was nonetheless delicious).

2) You can’t bring outside germs into the cafe. But that’s easily taken care of with a hand-sanitizer and a shoe free environment.

3) You can’t disturb the cats in any way. Cats are cats and they like to nap.

You can peruse the full set of guidelines over @ Meow Parlour’s Website.

You can also find them online @:




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