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“I am generally not the kind of guy to drop $499 on research of any kind, but in truth I had multiple industry connections suggest VB research. I made the purchase, and it was well worth it.”
Michael Brooks, Global Director of App Advertising: AOL/Verizon
“VB Insight's model reflects the importance of real-time data in a real-time world. Why wouldn’t you want insight in how to excel or to become more relevant?”
Brian Solis, Principal Analyst: Altimeter Group
“We loved your coverage and your forward thinking on this space. Your approach is fact based, not vendor fed, which is a big difference. You provide real insight on what people use, think, and find value in.”
Omer Artun, CEO: AgilOne


Mobile Games Monetization: What successful game developers do differently

Successful game developers do different things. They use different monetization companies, they use different monetization strateg...

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Mobile Marketing Automation: How the most successful apps drive massive...

The biggest apps and the most successful enterprises do things differently. Mobile marketing automation is how Subway Surfer impro...

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MArketing Technology

Marketing Clouds: How the best companies are winning via marketing technology

In a 2,000-product marketing technology ecosystem, marketing clouds attempt to bring all the functionality you need into one place...

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Social media management: Tools, tactics ... and how to win

In a world where the customer is constantly connected to social networks, understanding that space and the tools that help drive s...

Email Personalization: Increase opens, clicks, and revenue with the right...

Email is the marketing ROI leader and the preferred channel for customers to
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