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Recent Blog Posts

A Flowchart to Choose a Modern Deck

Have you been wondering what Magic: the Gathering deck to play in the popular Modern format? Take a look at this flow chart!

Villainous Pact

My wife piloted this Magic: the Gathering deck to a Top 8 finish at this weekend's PPTQ, so we wrote a deck tech and tournament report to share the experience.

GitHabit - GitHub webhooks ♥ HabitRPG!

I wrote an open source node.js application to tie your GitHub contributions with your HabitRPG account. Stay motivated to contribute to open source with GitHabit!

Why does Ember.js rock?

Ember.js is a MVC (Model – View – Contrtoller) JavaScript framework that helps developers create ambitious single-page web applications without sacrificing what made the web great. This is a quick overview of some of the best bite-sized parts.

Hack for Change 2013

This blog post chronicles my experience at the first National Civic Day of Hacking, which was also my first hackathon. Our team won by conceiving and demonstrating an automated phone system to place homeless people into shelters faster and with less human interaction, allowing those resources to be shifted to areas of greater need.


TDD with Ember.js: Test Driving your Ember Apps with Unit and Integration Tests

To be presented at STL Ember.js on 06 Mar 2014.

JavaScript Promises: Thinking Sync in an Async World

Presented at STL Ember.js on 06 Feb 2014.