How to Build Your Own High-End Loudspeakers

Have you ever dreamed of building your own stereo loudspeakers, subwoofers, home-theater speakers or custom DIY enclosures rivaling the quality of even the most expensive commercial audio products?

I successfully built my own high-end loudspeakers, replacing a pair of very expensive brand name speakers. Can you tell the speaker at the right is handmade? And building it was easier than you think. Perhaps I should also add that I'm not the most skilled craftsman...

But I had fun and learned a lot along the way and decided to launch this website and share
my experiences with you.

My name is Michael and my aim is to help you...

Plan and build a great-sounding stereo loudspeaker or home theater speaker matching
your personal taste and budget.
Whether you need a cheap speaker, compact floorstanding speakers, center satellite speakers - it's all covered here. If you are an extremely demanding audiophile like me, I want you to be completely satisfied with the fruit of your labor.
Understand how a speaker works. I'll go into explaining all major drivers and their respective function, crossover networks, damping materials or wiring.
Avoid the same mistakes I have made when constructing your speaker cabinet (building a cabinet is probably the hardest part) and make it look beautiful, too. Trust me, your wife is going
to love this
Build your own active subwoofer. A high-quality subwoofer can be used to complement your existing stereo speakers or extend the subsonic range in a home theater setup.
Improve your room acoustics so you can enjoy your favorite music on your own custom-made speakers even more.
Construct inexpensive yet high-quality DIY audio electronic components such as preamplifiers and digital to analog converters rivaling megabuck commercial "audiophile" offerings. But we are just using easy to obtain parts.

Ready to get started? Keep on reading and I hope that you may also enjoy your favorite music from your own, self-built hifi components, too!

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