Our flagship espresso is a unique blend of unique origins - currently a washed Yunnan : Menglian and a tree-dried India : Mallali. Look forward to a bold chocolatey body that is offset bright a bright raspberry and distinct floral notes. It's the perfect blend to cut through milk. 

Tasting Notes : 74% coca chocolate, raspberry, orange blossom. 


Nationality : 
People's Republic of China
Region : Yunnan
Village : Menglian
Processing : Washed

Asia is perhaps the last frontier of coffee. With so much possibility there's a half a dozen countries, and dozens of regions that can and will become great growing regions. We believe Yunnan, P.R. China is at the forefront of it. We're working directly with farms to help them improve growing technique, processing and sustainability so we can bring you more coffees just like this one. 

Nationality : Republic of India
Region :
Village : 

This is a great single origin offering, and as such we really recommend you try it as a Hario V60. If you have a home espresso machine this is also an incredibly bright and fruity single-origin espresso, but it's unlike most as it's tangy and sweet rather than earthy and bold.