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2013 Lead Generation Marketing Effectiveness Study



A Lenskold Group Report Sponsored by:

The Pedowitz Group



Research Report

Download the full 2013 Lead Generation Marketing Effectiveness Study (free access to the report is available with registration).

The focus of the 2013 Lead Generation Marketing Effectiveness Study was on content marketing and how processes, practices, marketing automation and measurements influence marketing performance. Insights are derived through a comparison of marketers with “highly effective and efficient” marketing organizations (the top 13%) to all other marketers. The research was conducted with 3233 B2B lead generation marketers who generate leads for a sales organization or external channel partner, recruited with the support of Demand Gen Report and Pedowitz Group.

The full report includes detailed findings and recommendations.  Highlights from the findings include:

  • Top tier marketers show strengths in content marketing practices and take performance further by leveraging high-impact capabilities that marketing automation enables.
  • Lead scoring ranks as a primary driver of revenue from content marketing for top tier marketers and those with integrated marketing automation.
  • Companies outgrowing competitors have a slight advantage in measurements of incremental revenue and ROI from their content marketing.
    Content marketing measurements are dominated by basic tracking and simple attribution.
  • Top tier companies and marketers with integrated marketing automation are more likely to measure all forms of engagement outcomes from content marketing, including sales conversion.

The details on how lead generation marketers are making their content marketing more effective and efficient are both surprising and insightful. Download the complete 2013 Lead Generation Marketing Effectiveness Study now for all the details (registration is required for free access to the report).

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Additional highlights are depicted in the charts and graphs below. To receive a PowerPoint file with charts in image form that you can use in presentations please e-mail

Primary Revenue Drivers Content Marketing HEE [Lenskold Group}


Content Marketing Process Strengths HEE [Lenskold Group}


Financial Measurement Strengths Content Marketing - HEE [Lenskold Group}


Content Marketing Measurement Techniques [Lenskold Group}


Content Marketing Measurement Challenges [Lenskold Group}