The Armenian NPP Unit process flow diagram consists of two circuits.

The primary circuit is radioactive and includes a WWER-440 reactor and six circulation cooling loops. Each loop comprises one reactor coolant pump (RCP), steam generator and two main loop isolation valves. A pressurizer is connected to one of the circulation loops of the primary circuit to maintain the designed pressure of water acting as a coolant of reactor and neutron moderator, at the same time.
The secondary circuit is not radioactive. It comprises steam generators, steamlines, steam turbines, separator – reheaters, feedwater pumps, deaerators and regenerative heaters.
A steam generator is a common component for primary and secondary circuits. The heat energy generated in the reactor is transfered in the steam generator via its heatexchanging tubes from primary circuit to the secondary circuit. Saturated steam generated in a steam generator is supplied by steamlines to the turbine driving the generator rotation for generation of electric current.
Cooling towers are used in turbine condenser cooling system.




Main technical features of the Armenian NPP Units

Number of Units: 2
Electric power: 440 MW
Heat power: 1375MW


Model: V-270
WWER – 440 reactors are operated in Russia, Ukraine, Finland, Czechia, Slovakia and Bulgary.
Reactor type:WWER-440

Moderator and coolant: water
Fuel: UO2 enriched in U235
Number of turbine generators per Unit: 2
Capacity of turbine generator: 220MW
Number of circulation loops: 6
(Reactor coolant pumps, steam generators)