Fly Folly®






Tailgates introduces movable art installations. The Fly Folly®

       The Fly Folly® is a numbered limited edition tent cover fabricated in Spinnaker cloth with appliqued designs. Tailgates reserves one of each of the designs it produces for the archive.

Movable Architectural Art.  
 A Fly Folly® is a three-dimensional free standing art installation that can be popped up indoors or outdoors. The structures are easily assembled and reusable. The tent cover is pre-installed on a Pop Up tent and shipped in a black canvas zipper bag. Customize your Fly Folly® with accessories such as flag pole and burgee, color coordinated side walls with or without appliquee, leg covers, ceiling fins and canvas duffle. The workmanship and attention to detail is exemplary. The billowing sail cloth is softly corporeal and translucent.
  The Fly Folly® is a water repellant cover, sized for standard Pop-Up tents readily available in the market. Tailgates  supplies the 10’ x 10’ Undercover Canopy UC-3P10 tent  at cost and ships it dressed with the Fly Folly®, burgee and leg cover.  Please note:  burgee poles and interior ceiling fins are adapted to fit each tent during the assembly process with pre-drilled holes and hooks. 

  The designs are evolving with each new series. We are exploring fractals and more intricate geometries, and increasingly incorporating collaged elements. The juxtapositions of hand painted patterns, polygonal structures, circles, spirals and kaleidoscopes will be incorporated in our future designs.
The applications are endless as a folly has no particular reason to be; except to provide pleasure and an unforgettable experience.

  Tailgates is proud to introduce its first "3C's" collection of Fly Folly® designs:
- The Cocktail Fly Folly®
- The Conversation Fly Folly®
- The Connection Fly Folly®
Fly Folly® makes sure no tent goes undressed!
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