What is wuauclt.exe? Is wuauclt.exe spyware or a virus?

How to fix wuauclt.exe related problems?
1. Run Security Task Manager to check your wuauclt process
2. Run Windows Repair Tool to repair wuauclt.exe related Windows Errors
3. Run MalwareBytes to remove persistent malware

Process name: Windows Update AutoUpdate Client

Product: Windows

Company: Microsoft

File: wuauclt.exe

Security Rating:

Windows Update AutoUpdate Client. This is a background process which checks with the Microsoft website for updates to the operating system. It shows up on the Task Manager's processes list when it is waiting for a response, such as to confirm permission to download an update. http://www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/wuauclt.exe.html 

Note: The wuauclt.exe file is located in the folder C:\Windows\System32. In other cases, wuauclt.exe is a virus, spyware, trojan or worm! Check this with Security Task Manager.

Virus with same file name:
Backdoor.Clt - Symantec Corporation
Troj/Cult-B - Sophos

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ran a search in windows no such file steven laube
the size in my pc is 148kb leki
There's a file called -AUMAGIC that has associated itself with WUAUCLT.EXE in the setupapi.log that changes directories often. I found it by reviewing my firewall logs. That is very suspect. No files found by that name, though. Did however find it in registry as an Explorer toolbar. So it's likely adware. Deleting it causes problems with AutoUpdate. Rich Epstein
I found two, one is under Service Pack Files eric
If you're not running windows 9x, this file shouldn't be in your system! robin ballard
I keep my computer very clean, and this process was running while I was downloading SP2. I actually looked up this one to make sure it was the right process for updater. It is. Busy
This is a windows file. It ain't no fucking adware, it IS the automatic update process. Common Sense
I found three .exe files by running a search... One of them was in System32, one in I386 and one in "c:\Software distribution\download\S-1-5-18\(bunch of numbers)\backup Will
I have a file wuauclt.exe-399A8E72.pf in my windows\prefetch folder, is this a problem or is it needed by wuauclt.ext? Athanon
it does automatic windows updates, unless you've completely disabled automatic updates, it should be running at all times.  See also: Link Shawn
There are two in my XP SP1 system32 folder, both for automatically updating windows. You will get this file if you allow any of the new v5.windowsupdate.microsoft.com ... digital certificates to install on your PC. Don't use autoupdate, manually update. If you have the misfortune of installing this, delete it and rename the old (wuauclt[1]) file again.  See also: Link d3d
I had it. I saw it when I started up Win XP. After 10 mins it disappeared and my spyware and adware did not pick it up. Doesn;t look dangerous Jared Mayer
File Size: 112KB (c:\windows\system32) and the other 139KB (C:\windows\servicepackfiles\i386) -WINXP- ^DaNi
The process can be ensured that by stop the 'Automatic Updates' Service. Doraemon
it might be a file for the v5 updater for windows xp waiting for service pack 2 delro
I just downloaded some updates, including the new autoupdater..which i have turned off. I noticed this as a new active process. I began to look on the internet and have no concerns that it is a trojan. However, I don't like yet another process running. Mark
The file appeared in task manager. I checked to see where the file located and it couldn't be found on a file search so I checked task manager again and it was gone? John
Have it in my machine under system32. Itz a 112 kb file. I also found the same file inexistence as wuauclt1.exe under system32, filesize - 164kb. Sujith
All Current updates. Original file is MS Windows Update service. I've disabled auto updates & it still loads in/out , when it does it interrups sound video & CPU intensive apps then exits returning control to system. The fact that it strobes raises questions in that it behaves much lika a proxy service sending/receiving data approx very 3 minutes or so. I would delete local file & extract/reload originals from XPSP1 CD then do a MS Win update online  See also: Link V-Hunter/Extractor/Collector
Auto update file. Common sence tells you it can be perceived as adware by most "anti "software Just like many other auto update files, for software. Be careful what you get rid of, to avoid problems. but at the same time, dont be afraid to ask the questions. Knowledge is the key. Also there are many browser helpers you use with software IE. DAP and others can be seen as adware but its simply part of the programs you use everyday. dr92060
The original file from Microsoft gets placed in the Located at C:\WINDOWS\System32\wuauclt.exe . If you find it anywhere else then you should be suspicious for sure.
It is as Microsoft file that is a part of the "Background Intelligent Transfer Service". As part of Microsoft's revamped methodology for retrieving "critical security updates" from their website, this file is automatically installed onto your system. If you remove it, you will just have to reinstall it if you want to obtain critical updates from Microsoft's site. E. C. Griffin
If any other file with this name is located elsewhere than in system32 or in sevice pack files, it could be an malicious program. The service will start randomly even if autoupdate is stopped. Otherwise, it seems to be another windows "trick" in way that they didn't inform about this service wich surely came with an pre-sp2 hotfix or something like this.  See also: Link amg
WUAUCLT could be a trojan i am working to see what it can be on my 2 pcs in sophos.com the say it is one and if it keeps running in the taskbar and the meter stays at 0% it is definitly a trojan, try to stop it from the task manager if it stops and then come back its a trojan Peace out Ace
after a MS security-update (for sp2) this little application shows a popup dialog which asks me to restart my computer. I press "restart later" but the f***** pop up window shows every 5 minutes. After killing the wuauclt process "s.o." starts it again only seconds later. wiser
Cut & Paste the URL into your browser manually since SARC does not allow external website hot-linking to their resources- sorry didn't see that coming until I tested the URL link. Also goto www.sarc.com and do a search on wuauclt.exe you should see at lease 2 results  See also: Link V-Hunter/Extractor/Collector
For a long time me computer and my internet connection have been giving me problems. Every time this happens, wuauclt is running. Several opinions on the web say it is POSSIBLE if it is malware, especially if you find more than one copy of it. Be careful.... Chrono Inc Administrator
Its completely neutral, you can check out in http://www.hattrick.org/Common/default.asp Here you can try a free sacn online to check out if its benign or not. I had one in my windows xp,and with many programs ive checked up its neutral Diego
chuj wie co to jest. skurwysynstwo sie wjebalo bodajze po instalacji sp2 ale jak to syf microsoftu trzeba traktowac z rozwaga. chetnie bym to wypierdolil bo to jednak ram ale.. bil pewnie mnie pokara. Maciek
This is know as Windows Update Auto Update Client. It should only show on task manager if you have auto update turned on. If it shows up when auto update is off, then you should be concerned. shulkman
This Windows Automatic Updater. You can disable if you dont want anymore processes running. It is not only included in system32, but also in prefetch and service pack files. Dont be alarmed. kenboyles72
My System is safe, and wuauclt.exe is downloading the SP2. 115480 Bytes, Version: 5.4.3790.2182 S!Ri
It will not harm your system to stop this process. However, if you go to the Windows Update web site, this process needs to be running for Windows Update to work. Dean
this process when it runs in my windowsXP (SP2) PC , I cannot browse the internet, if I kill this process, immediatly I am able to browse the internet Tarek El Far
Checked in windows task manager I have two running. one is a system 8940k the other user 7788k mem usage. Seems to big not to be malicious db
wuauclt seems to be a windows file, wuauLTC looks like a virus. Even Symantec seem to use the Windows file name not the virus file name Nik
Yes it's a windows file, but with the amount of virus's going aound you should really disable it until you need. Sofia
a couple of them popped up as windows was running automatic updates so i guess it has something to do with that! jaye.
Eats up about 6 to 7 mb in tskmngr ... that's a lot to be sending out there then, innit? DiddleDeeDude
Process listed as task when I have autoupdate turned on. If turned off, it goes away. Rhonin
It is needed for Windows Automatic Updates! It is not adware, people! Jill
just a windows automatin update file. nothing to be worried about Rich
after remove with HijackThis start this file after reboot again. chicky
wuauclt.exe 111 kb / wuauclt1.exe 165 kb inmy win xp directory bong
This is a file required by Windows Security Control Center  See also: Link William. A+ N+ MCSE MCSA
windws updater nick
It's a Windows update process, but as with any process, you should check to make sure it's not a trojan in disguise. Naruto
could be very dangerous, if you have auto update turned off, and not at windows update, and you see it running, spell trojen, if you end task on it and it starts agian, spell torjen mindping on aim
it makes iexplorer cpu usage 100% kedare
windows update, not dangerous at all
a windows update file; keeps causing my computer to lockup. will not upload updates any more. Deleted file out of frustration. Jim
I know that it is just the update manager, but it does screw things up. If you game alot, it might not let your TS and Game run at the same time. This happened to me, and a couple of friends. justin
contracted nasty virii after attempting to crack visual route 8.0 warning - VS8.0 crack = virus. this, and spoolsv.exe insist on running in task - i have cleaned all virii but these two files now insist on running. they arent virii, but their invoction is strange where they neve rran before this issue. idiot
on XP : wuauclt.exe size 112Ko AND wuauclt.1exe 166 Ko both in system32 folder and 2 other in svcpckfile i386 (110 & 165 Ko) rudolf12c
raise ... ?? ... at every registry modification, write edb.chk which is send back to microsoft during updates tuxlover
It can consume all your cpu if it has problems,  See also: Link Willow
This program has constantly been running at 50% processor time. I really don't trust this file !!  See also: Link McBobbins
You all are talking that this is windows automatic updates .We know that ,we are not stupid but it can also be trojan or spyware ,like explorer.exe can be .I have allso 2 of these files on my computer ,the first is wuauclt.exe and the secound is wuauclt1.exe like bong say .So does all of you have these 2 files in windows folder or only few of us ? Goran
this is not supposed to be in Windows XP at all, it is the WinME Windows update. I have a perfectly fine WinXP SP2 machine here, and Automatic Update is ON, and this process is NOT running on it. WUAUCLT.EXE is _bad_ if you find it in WinXP. microsoft
It was running in my windows task mgr, but after I disabled Microsoft autoupdate, the program was no longer in the task mgr. BobC.
Just check if you have Autoupdate turned on. Turn it off - if the process disappears it's certainly not malware. noob
It runs on machines with SP1 and without other online updates too! Where is the start order? I dont like it and delete it now, it is the only suspect task on my very suspect system! aSiD
OK, not a virus. But it stops cold all of my internet processes, including browser, VPN, and email. It also trips my Sygate Personal Firewall, no matter how it is configured -deg
This is NOT Windows, on all versions after 9X, It'll mess up your Graphically intensive programs, mostly the ones that require video card access.
i don't know what it is but it dissapeared from task manager a few minutes after startup
I have wuauclt.exe at 111 KB and wuauclt1.exe at 163 KB in WINDOWS/system32 (this is XP Pro). They both show as modified in August '04. WUAUCLT.EXE399A8E72.pf is in Prefetch (23KB, modified today), and another wuauclt.exe in ServicePackFiles\i386 (137KB, modified in August '02). The lower-case version shows up twice on Task Manager, one using 576K and shown as used by me, the other 1140, used by SYSTEM, and using 1% CPU every few seconds. Eleven Even
I have 2 filez: wuauclt1.exe 167kb and wuauclt.exe 113kb. Is this a problem or is it needed by Bin Gays? Megaflops Argentina
It is definately for windows update and comes with SP2 but why does it run when you have auto updates disabled? Its annoying when my server dials out when I dont want it to just because this file runs. And yes, it only runs for a few minutes. Had SP2 running for a month or so but this is the first time I have noticed this strange behaviour. Any Ideas? OzBrickie
It sure is a windows update file, but how do i disable it from running everytime i boot Sanim Samnani
windows update process
It is windows auto update file. Could possibly be malicious but you have to use best judgement to decide. If the file is not the original name wuauclt.exe then more than liklely safe. If it is renamed something else (even 1 letter) is likely that it is a virus placed and being disguised as wuauclt.exe. Willard - MCP/MCSE/SECURITY+
Its a Windows Update Muthu Kumar
I ussually Have the service running whenever I have automatic Upfate turned on Fikky
I have this process twice - one is 6716 k the other 40 k - the6716 goes away if i turn off autoupdate, the 40 k not. any knowledge ?
Wuauclt.exe is a process managing automatic updates for Windows. This process continuously checks for the latest updates by going online. This process should not be removed if you want to get informed about new updates. Lukos
All I know is that whenever it's running, Internet Explorer fails to work, and when I kill the process, it starts to work. There are often multiple copies running at a time. Crystallina
More than one at a time will be on my system. When I end process or tree, it pops back up. I don't have internet for some reason now. And for some reason my System Idle Process is running at 97% all the time. I DID try to update windows, and now I don't have internet access. What gives??? Michael
the automat. update process
Very dangerouss!! Must destroy immediatelly!!! Kyle Garber MCSE/MCSA/MCME++/R54/55
It is preventing me from getting on the internet and making my system run slow when I do get on. Lili
When i go into the windows task manager, the wuauclt.exe comes up not under a system username, but my log in name. Could this be a virus, worm, etc.? john
It's not dangerous but it can affect your pc performance. Just disable it! Angel Colon
If it is not documented, it should not be running. kevin
Does seem to be a legitimate update process., I just installed a Logitech Wireless Mouse, and now it pops up when I start. I think windows is searching for a better driver. In the end, it may be relatively unnecessary, but it's quite far from spyware Brian
For all you people who think this process could be safe. A virus can name itself to wuaucilt.exe and appear to be the windows updater when infact you are getting screwed. common sense knows nothing
Why is this file running when i've turned off automatic updates Evilwindows
I turned automatic update off, and it still keeps running. And using my internet connection in the background! (this stops when I stop the service). In the registry the name is wuauRclt for some reason. Took me some time to find the file because of that. Only found in the winnt folder and service pack files folder.
From c:\windows\system32\ in Windows XP after Sp2 install. wuauclt.exe is a windows updater called from svchost.exe, while not a virus or spyware quite badly behaved, send info from your pc without asking and can(will) slow your computer down. MS Bloatware Ricky
I have it in system32 wuauclt.exe 113,944 and wuauclt1.exe 167,704. I think is neutral if is the trojan which appear into other dir.  See also: Link GodofPain
IT was in my prefetch, windows folders in addition to system32  See also: Link Linda
If detected by AV prog it's created by Backdoor.Clt (Trojan)  See also: Link ByteMe
i think it would also have to depend on whether it says it is started by SYSTEM or "username", if it is started by SYSTEM, then it is the autoupdate. with win xp and microsoft's "new" autoupdate, if your system detects a windows update, this will start with the system Lord Doskias
Is the automated part of windows update, not needed if you do updates manually, if it is running (one instance only) but autoupdate isnt working could be a virus of same name.i uninstall it and manually update. Andykirky
seems to also run aupdate and lucom2~.exe claims to be from norton starts after surfing for 40 mins repeatedly caused a write crash im gona delete it its definely not a updater since it was already updated and it hides quicky as if its stealing private info and sending it joseph
Running XP. Is still appearing after switching off Automatic Updates. Would people who are saying it's just the Updater get a clue? It's also a malicious trojan which is continually running in the background. I can not get rid of it! Grim
It is installed along with XP SP2. Just don't know why it runs for a while on TaskMgr (after system is started/restarted) even if I have automatic updates turned off... Ron
It is an annoyance. I've deleted the autoupdates from windows, but it keeps trying to restart my computer. This continues even after I manually closed the program in the task manager. Moreover, the updates never worked and it slows my computer down to a crawl and makes my programs non-functional.
i deleted it and it just reproduces itself
task is closed down, then autoreopens Ricki
It keeps sending emails to all my contacts alex
It makes my computer run slowly in general and when i try the start internet explorer it comes up with errors mandai
Virus under this name is makes the systme very slow and leasing virus scanners cannot detect or remove the virus. Udaya Gammanpila
This is not Malware, just a windows update program running in the background. If you don't want it, then just disable automatic updates. TwiggyZ
The process only runs when you have Automatic Updates enabled at a certain time each month. It is not on all the time, the size of the file VARIES depending on if it is downloaded content, it does not download nonstop but in bits and peices to avoid disrupting net connections. Once again, size will change. It goes away after update is completed after a timeout period based on many factors. mark
I have WinME and the one-and-only copy of wuauclt.exe on my system is in the C:\Windows directory , not C:\Windows\system32, which so many have insisted is the only place it should be found. Mr. Fix
Certainly use for Windows Update. But "Backdoor.Clt" can copy itself as "wuauclt.exe" Jemi
Chances are if you searched for it and it didn't show up, its probably because you don't have windows search set to include hidden and system files. JT
Whether it's legit or not, it really messes up my MMORPG playing. Up pops the hourglass when I should be popping monsters. Deleting it seems a bit extreme but it just seems to runs as it pleases otherwise. Dogon
It is a windows update process..... i had turned off auto-updates.... and had never seen this process in taskman.... but as soon as i started auto-updates, this process appeared in taskman.... but for me, turning off auto-updates did the trick... now it does not show up in taskman... Nirav
from Windows Task Manager / Processes ClydeV
My comp has slowed to a crawl after SP2 update, on a newly installed OS XPPro. This file is running. If disabled, the computer runs perfectly. If enabled and running, dawg slow. This must be a microsoft SP2 problem. MakeMineMacAgain!
Windows process that runs as a service. To disable it, just turn off windows updates from control panel. Then, go to services and disable it. BadThad
"Basic Windows" program THE TECH
Beware, on winXP it is quite often a virus. Will block traffic from Edonkey2000,computer will hang. Stop the process right after the system starts and you will be fine. Almost impossible to remove.Can be a part of a WIN XP SP2, in that case - MS to blame. Most certainly monitor your system Token
this is a windows file... if it bothers you and you want to disable it just go to control panel, open automatic updates and select turn off automatic updates... that's it
It's Dangerous and it's Not. Prophet of Philosophy
More than 1 copies as mentioned by other users. The org file should be for Windows update but when it has more than 1 ... furthermore, PC keeps receiving data even doing nothing online. Disable Auto-update and wuauclt won't help. Found out a service called "BITS" (Background Intelligent Transfer Service, auto run when start up) which is the one busy downloading. There must be something wrong. Does it have anything to do with that few copies of wuauclt.exe? That I am still working on. No Anti-Virus program pick up anything wrong with these exe files. Also checking WService.exe Gary C
the only thing this wuauclt.exe file has ever done is caused me to get diconnected from the internet. when it shows up in task manager all you have to do is end process but this is just a temporary fix. computers suck ass
security center auto- updater(SP-2) windows will still auto-update without this process running Corkman
I know about the windows update client, but I had to reformat two PCs that were completely registry-modified and locked up just after I saw a persisten wuauclt.exe proccess. chuchuluco
I don´t need it so I deleted it - comp still runs fine wire-geier
i had update turn off in winxp and i still got the fil in tskmgr but only for a short wail when i start up +Area51+
Ignore the authors whose systems are virus infected and blame it on this process. This process is NOT a virus or a trojan or spyware. It does consume some system resources, so you can disable it in Windows Services and re-enable manually if you want to run windows update. Dean
Seems to screw up any graphically intensive games. Get rid of it! Tux
win xp system keeps restarting it never come up , waisting my lots of time kairalikeralam
This ran for hours on my 1.8 Ghz Gateway. CPU usage for the task was pegged at 94% and any other task crawled. Task Manager showed about 4 instances of this -- all except one at 0% CPU. Thinking it was doing some vital update I left it running overnight, but when it was still running in the morning I decided to kill it. No way would it let me stop it or lower its dispatching priority. I pulled the plug. The only copy on my system is in WINNT/System32. One more giant leap forward for Microsoft Ray
It's a virus or trojan for sure. I never had this icon so much in my taskbar, only when there where new updates. Since a couple of days, The icon is always visible, wuauclt.exe is always running, and when I kill it, it starts again in a couple of minutes. But then I found out that there was another wuauclt.exe-file in the system32-directory, called wuauclt1.exe. This file is 165 Kb, and wuauclt.exe is 112 Kb. When I delete wuauclt.exe, the file appears within a minute. Now I have killed the process, deleted wuauclt.exe and renamed wuauclt1.exe to wuauclt.exe. It seems to be solved now! Robo
try to close it with the taskmanager when it's autoreopen itself then you got a problem get rid of it and place a good one.  See also: Link Dutch trooper
I have the same problem. This file is part of the windows updater, however, when you turn off the automatic update, it keeps running. It uses svchost to connect to the internet, so, it seems that svchost.exe is sending information, but it's wuauclt.exe who's sending it. Use a program to check the connection, wuauclt sends information to the windowsupdate site (207.46.20X.X). It's definitively part of the windows updater, but it sends information without your permission. I use a firewall to block it. Gabriel Fernandez
The file is both, Dangerous and Safe. There are trojins that rename it and make use of it... and then its also very safe when its not infected. (I had the program that was altering to this at will as I was flipping the names around... about 1 second to do it before its renamed and taken over again) So be cautious about this file in general if you see more than one running. Xabora
this is an authentic windows update file that acts crazy. to disable it properly, it has to be done through the 'services' window via the run command (just type: services.msc)  See also: Link SABAHAHAHA
It's just the windows automatic update downloader, but the problem is that when it is updating, you just can't shut it down before it is finished. That is a problem, because it is at this moment trying to download an update that is unavailable... Johan
This is a normal Windows XP component, used for Automatic Updates. Jeff
the size of"wuauclt.exe" is 112kb and is located in c:\windows\system32\ in Windows XP and is signed by verisign
I just found this file and also file related this with exention pf,my sys is not working well ,whats this Wasim
wuauclt.exe - Here is the scoop on Cult Trojan. The big question: what is wuauclt.exe and is it spyware, a trojan and if so, how do I get rid of Cult Trojan? wuauclt.exe (Cult Trojan) - Details Many viruses will appear in the task list with the process name 'wuauclt.exe'. One such example is the CultB trojan. You should treat this process with caution as it may be a virus. Rizwan Shah
Any time my computer was freezing up/crashing, Task Manager shows wuauclt.exe as the programme that's "Not Responding". After closing it it generally starts up again automatically by itself. Have disabled automatic updates, and so far computer has been running fine, with no evidence of wuauclt.exe running! Jim
I have the same problems as it coming up even after I've stopped it under system services and under the control panel. Also it's stealing bandwith and i'm sure it's a trojan but i do no know how to remove it...It recreates itself after I delete file and no virus scanners pick it up (AVG, Symantec Pro) Steve
Part of Windows new updater for SP2. Runs behind your back even when auto update is turned off. My firewall (Blackice )shows it running when I use application control. This means it is communicating over the net. I don't and wouldn't trust it. There is no need for it. Thanks MS! Perturbed
Huge PITA. I don't know what it is, but it always starts up on first boot and keeps running for several minutes... then turns itself off. While it's running, my normally extreemly speedy PC is a complete mess. I do not now, and have never had auto-updates turned on. io
Part of Windows new updater for SP2. Runs behind your back evan when autoupdate is turned off. My firewall (Blackice )shows it running when I use application control. This means it is comunicating over the net. I don't and wouldn't trust it. There is no need for it.
The last 2 days my CPU has been spiking 50-100%. I watched taskman for a while and I have 2 wuauclt.exe running. One of them stays consistant and doesn't use much cpu, the other shows up every 15 secs (yes I counted for about 3 mins).
this file wasn't even on my comp till i got a virus ever since then it's been running in the task manager i keep turning it off and it keeps coming in by itself so i don't think it's very good at all. Sean
the prefetch file means nothing, Athanon, but i have a wuauclt.exe in my system32, and in one of my service pack folders. what one should i get rid of/should i do nothing? craigL
This file blocks software use, and or functionality,it hogs memory as it keeps opening several instances of itself and slows down system John
i dont like this file, i have windows automatic updates disabled and yet it still runs in the process window. WHY Microsoft? elvispelvis
When this file is running on my system, I can`t get in any ftp. Don`t know why, so I thnik it is a trojan MyWorld
I have autoupdate turned off - Why is it trying to run? Because it leaves the service in Automatic. Callifubar
Microsoft "wuauclt.exe" virus made by microsoft to control software distribution and updates. John
windows update system file Tonio
its an annoyance now. It nags me to reboot every couple minutes to make updates 'effective'. I hard kill the process and it automatically restarts. I kill process and delete the file and the dllcache file and I get 1 nag screen saying I need to replenish the file from the Windows 2000 CD. A day later the file magically appears again out of nowhere and runs its self to nag again. God damn microsoft crap. Whoot
It keeps coming on even after I end the process. Takes all cpu up. Computer runs too slow and it comes on everytime on boot. I have to hit the end process for 10 minutes before it will stop .... somehow I cant delete the program. Ben
To spowalnia system dosyć mocno jeżeli ma się Wina XP i tylko 128 ramu. Lepiej wyłączyć to i aktualizacje instalować z własnej ieprzymuszonej woli, a nie wtedy gdy Bill cie informuje Mariusz
This file is part of Windows Automatic Updates under XP. However, certain virii mask themselves as this file, so be warned, that if it's not found in \%WINROOT%\System32, it's a virus and should be deleted. ShodaN
Has been very malicious for me. Restarts computer by using an LSASS exploit, gradually breaks system, denies internet access. Files: wuauclt.exe and wuauclt1.exe. Startup means unknown. Sotek
Automatic update is off... it still runs for a while when I log on. Few minutes it disables itself. Tried ending process through Task Manager - No problem! Rose
this wuauclt is a background virus it alous its crator[master] to control you pc[reset,delite files,actualy it can do enithing]  See also: Link tigerclaw
It can be bad and good, but is usually good. Click link:  See also: Link Matt
Continually running despite numerous attempts to stop it. Ad
(W)indows(Update)(A)uto(U)pdate (C)(l)ie(n)(t)  See also: Link nick
Can be bad or good. Read more:  See also: Link Matt
All those who have a switch offable 100k version need make no comment. The one we are all talking about is a 6-7meg non stopable pain in the ass. Its hard to remove check link  See also: Link Oli
This file keeps running even if i disable windows update... and slows my internet connection. When I end it it comes back how come? ComputerStriker
wuauclt.exe gets installed by websites and typically loads the application to memory and puts a pre-fetch file (.pf) on your system as well. After seeing it run (or crash IE), suggest a system scan to eliminate the .pf as well. Omnivorous
i do not know what it is, but i tried ending it and it would just restart. so i ran a search found two folders with it. System 32 and I386 or something. I deleted I386 and turned off auto updates. It is no longer a problem. chris
It's not a virus in most cases, but a pesky proccess runing in every 15-20 sec. for about 2-3 sec. and slowing Win. It kept freezing my OS often. After disabling Auto Updates from services.msc everything looks just fine  See also: Link Ivaylo Petrov
ITS VERY SIMPLE. This is the Automatic Update Controller. Its not just a Windows Millenium Edition File. As a matter of fact, you can find it on Windows 2000 as well. If your A/V or Spyware is picking it up as a threat, then have it cleaned!!! If you have Automatic Updates turned OFF and its running, Have it cleaned!!! If your A/V or Spyware checker is NOT picking it up, and you have Automatic Updates on, then yer prolly fine. As far as it screwing with your games, Windows just has a tendency to do that. Contact the game manufacterer and see what they say about it! Jt E
Wuauclt.exe has to do with windows updates. Man do a little research before posting sad..... WUAUCLT.exe /detectnow is used to find a wsus server. It works with the Automatic update. WUAUCLT is you automatic update service Randy
My Norton Antivirus picked up wuauclt.exe as having a virus. When I ended it in Task Manager, it popped up again I think this trojan invades this file and has to be deleted manually after disabling the Windows update program. Always use Sys Restore just in case a problem, but it came up in red as a virus on my computer. I will work on this and get back to yall BUFFY
It is a legit Windows Auto Update Client. If ya wanna switch it off, or prevent it from rebooting your computer (after you have installed some Windows updates), go to Settings -- Control Panel -- Automatic Updates. Here, you must turn off automatic updates. You will then see wuauclt.exe disappearing from the list of running processes (if you are running Task Manager), and the icon will disappear from your sytem tray. ToneDef
WinXP Pro SP2 - This is an autoupdate client. The checksum on my OS is ebf1ab7e4fc05cabf2f4680d2a45f827 -- not sure of this remains constant from system to sytem. Can others verify checksums? (MD5) SpiN
Its the update process for WinXP. When automatic updates need to be installed, two of them appear (one the actual process, the other, the update checker). Ending both will result in both coming back. If you dont wanna restart, change your settings to be 'never download updates' and then end the process and it will go away. Xander
I don't know anything about it but I found 5 of them in these locations: C:\Windows\Prefetch C:\Windows\ServicePack C:/System32 C:\Windows32\config\systemprofile\TemporaryInternetFiles\Content.IES\CHM78XIZ\Wuault[2].cab and there are 2 of these in the same area. bocher
When i close the file in task manager it comes back up as a system process. Whne i close that, it opens back up as a user account process. it repeats forever... thats probably not good. Plus, my internet explorer process gets boosted up to 100% since its been on my computer some guy
Soy un pringao Matt
corrigir problema luiz Carlos Bordin
i used to have two of these in my dual boot win98/win2k pc. when i turned autoupdate off it stopped bugging me. but of course that's just me. olrayt
It wasnt causing me any problems, but I stopped the Automatic Updates service (also changed it's startup option to manual) and wuauclt.exe disappeared from task manager list. I have Automatic Updates turned off. Kevin
it takes up 98% of my cpu,crippling,seems to disable norton,disableing auto updates has no effect, help! colin
Just search the File and leave the rest to your Scan :-) Scratchy
if you use process explorer on xp and and suspend it in my case it multiplied i think its a trojan cause its trying to dial out and notices when you suspend it unlike normal programs that only can restart if not running already vaptor
This file normally if legal windows file but somehow has hijack by Trojan. My PC is infected by this file and symptom is it will restart my system when I attemp to open registry, msconfig and even when I try to see the path on the shortcut the system will produce error. This file is keep stay on startup menu.This file is very dangerous, please everyone be carefull when you find .exe file which has a foldered icon, I got infected when I double click on this damn file that I thought it was a folder. Wibisono Sastrodiwiryo
its good matt
ive had this problem since 1 month ago, whenever i play d2x or warcraft3 for a few minutes, the computer gets a complete hang. have tried all good antivirus/antispy, none worked. according to "This is NOT Windows, on all versions after 9X, It'll mess up your Graphically intensive programs, mostly the ones that require video card access." is that possible this is why? i use winxp-sp2 and i have wuauclt.exe and wuauclt1.exe in my windows/system32/ folder. Jerry
So does anybody knows how to kill this program? This program uses most of my memmory and fan of my laptop is running crazy!! We need cure. For my case, I even couldn't find the files... but only in task manager. Help really needed Guang-Ho
This file shows up say 6 0r 7 times in my task manager. Look for sysmgr64.exe in the start up services. After I disabled it my computer stop shuting down all processes....it only try's to slow down when I try and update an app. I can surf fine but updates wont happen..... Help Chris
(W)indows(Update)(A)uto(U)pdate (C)(l)ien(t)
i have this file running all the time and after about 2 or 3 minutes my machine will freeze up and restart, the only way i can get on my computer is to boot it in safe mode, i need help getting this thing off my computer anyone know how? Todd
Windows Update, usually. But can also be W32.Cult Trojan. Treat with care. Kisara
The official issue of the ‘wuauclt.exe’ file is issued by Microsoft Corporation and runs the Windows Update AutoUpdate Client program. Specifically this will interface with the Microsoft Update website to identify the current status of your PCs Windows OS and peripherals as well as maintaining a history log. As there are a pile of large patches available from Microsoft (depending on your specific OS and peripherals), the AutoUpdate program often does tend to monopolize the Internet connection and processor. This computer is running WXP Pro and has had 88 updates since December 14th. Get smart Burton
Its an automatic update process. If you don't want it running you can go to services and put automatic updates to manual. But when you need updates, it will ask you to turn it back on. User preference I guess. Dave
it doesnt effect your computer other than update it, if system update is on then u cant close it other than turning off system updates dag
My friend has problem with wuauclt.exe. After booting his computer, error message shows 5 times "wuauclt.exe made an error blah blah all data lost sorry..." Windows Update doesnt work, if you go Microsoft's page and try to update those error messages are back. Disabling Automatic Updates from Services seem to work and get rid of those errors but in long run not to update Windows aint so good. What can be done, repair install? Hope not. Nordman
I disabled the automatic updates. but this file stayed open all the time. It slowed my computer, downloaded viruses, AND disabled my sound device. No spyware/virus programs would detect this file, so I removed it manually. My computer works normal again.
My Windows Auto-matic Updates is OFF but wuauclt.exe would sometimes be running. After carefull monitoring, this process starts whenever I access my nVidia Display Options panel(s) through 'Display Properties''Advanced'. What led me to do all this research and ultimatly to this website was my self-reboot problems I was experiencing while connecting to servers through on-line computer games i.e. Counter-Strike. These self-reboot problems only happened when wuauclt.exe was running in the background and since I access my nVidia display options frequently while playing different games, go figure 0ptim0
Like other people says! THIS IS A WINDOWS FILE. If you delete it from your system you will no longer recieve updates fro microsoft.com. SO DONT DELETE IT! JimmiNS
I had a problem with this, too. In XP's system32 folder it created a subfolder called 'LastGood' with another wuauclt.exe and some other files. It appeared in processes (with AutoUpdate off). Whenever I tried to connect to the internet, it turned off my computer in the minute any activity was started in browser or download manager, etc. Antivirus didn't find it (though it was freeware). Ending up this process didn't solve the problem. ze
in internet the system wil be hang vanaraja
I have two running in system 32. Wuauclt.exe and wuauclt1.exe These two exe files redirect sites Frank
I changed its name and it respawns within 2 to 3 seconds. Both wuauclt and wuauclt1. Both are applications. Don
This file checks my hard disk every other second. It slows down my system. I have auto updates "off." PC Defense doesn't detect anything wrong with it. I'm stopping this manually thru System Manager. My laptop now runs faster. LeRoy Pea
It's not suppose to be in Windows XP, I did exactly what Robo (another user from this thread) did. It will appear again after you delete it. Suggestion: delete it and rename it right away to -- wuauclt.exe Then it won't appear again (terminated). The size of the file that is supposed to be deleted is 122 kb.. Good Luck!
It's not suppose to be in Windows XP, I did exactly what Robo (another user from this thread) did. It will appear again after you delete it. Suggestion: delete it and rename it right away to -- wuauclt.exe Then it won't appear again (terminated). The size of the file that is supposed to be deleted is 122 kb.. Good Luck! Bergundal
For people with a slow internet connection , on the Windows Update page in Internet Explorer, click the "Personalize Windows Update" link under "Other Options," turn on the 'Display the link to the Windows Update Catalog under See Also" option, and then click Save Settings. Then click "Windows Update Catalog" to view the listing of downloadable updates and any applicable instructions . Maur
I have Black Ice. This file first poped up after my room mate decided to install Bear Share. I removed bare share and blocked the file from fireing. I recently reinstalled my OS, but this file keeps popping up...Looking at my application list, I have three counts of wuaucly.exe in c:\windows\system32 c:\windows\system32\dllcache and c:\softwaredistribution\download\bunchoflettersandnumbers. I also have wuauclt1.exe in the same locations. I'm getting a hit for wuauclt every sixteen seconds. Auto update is turned off and the file is blocked by my firewall. My cpu is at a constant 100% Ronbo
Microsoft Windows update. Useful to terminate this process if you don't care about windows updates, want the yellow shield off your taskbar, and especially when windows threatens to restart itself every 5 minutes. Terminate it and work in peace until you want to restart. icie
This file have made my computer network in an abnormal status. Leo
I found this file in two locations: C:\WINNT\system32 and in C:\WINNT\ServicePackFiles\i386 folder. I just disabled it from the task bar and then it disappeared from my Windows Task Manager. Can't say much about it. Rachit Bhatia
When running on the background makes the connection sloppier. Also sometimes it exhausts the harddisk. I hear it turn and churn while the led blinks forever. I don't like it, removed it. Will update manual. Have a thing about "auto" programs, especially if from microsoft... manylander
On laptop pc with slow hd, after a long standby the process will take too much time to check for new update and it slows down the pc due for an high IO traffic on the hd. joered - roma
It can be a virus. It was impossible to kill using task management. Impossible to delete. I killed it using zone alarm, then I copied the wuaaclt.exe and wuauclt1.exe from a non-infected computer and replaced them. The virus was gone. Kuun
This file has ALWAYS been on my computers and never once caused any problems. my computers run just fine Chip
I have winxpcorp with sp2, updates off and panda with firewall. in my machine it appeared out of nowhere after a fresh boot and after i dialed my isp's number and connected to the internet. I opened a site and all my browser windows gave me a crital error and shut down, both ie6 and firefox at the same site cadamars.com. Then I rebooted closed the process, because it appeared again, reconnected and now its fine. It could be windows's legit checker or it could be a trojan, im gonna run a test and delete the file if i find it. Fp1
Like many others have said it is the auto updater for MS. Turning off auto update via control panel does not stop it from running. To keep it from running do the following run- services.msc- Automatic Updates- Startup Type- Disable. That's it. I stopped it from running on a Car PC and have never noticed any problems with it on my Desktop so there really shouldn't be a need to disable it in services like I did. Silentbob
If i disable it, there is no sound. This is with windows XP professional SP2 brent
I had this dam thing in processes 15 at a time frum 0 to 14k must be a trojan fd me up did restor froze and lost partition dam! shawn131
slows down pc, causes internet(dialup) to drop out hobbs
PC is shutdown Shunmu
that's an update application for windows, but you can safely remove that process from your tasklist manager. Mogi
advice if everything scares you stop downloading, using the net, burning cd's cracking software Because those of you who dont know the worst thing in windows is the one you cannot stop, the system event log, its contents are regularly sent from your pc, also the system file indexing service , well that one will get you in trouble, dont turn these off btw, your systems will crash, i think it's a way to stop piracy etc, and a way for microsoft to do some damage control with regards to lawsuits etc Cyanide45
this file is just poping up in my firewall granting itself permission after the dl is done i just block it only found a prefetch one deleted it and the one in system 32 folder seems ok not found in running process or in msconfig anywhere prob safe i just blocked it hehe who cares about it the man
Delete any program labeled wuauclt if it is not located in system32 or service pack files. I had a file with the same name in the I386 folder, and it kept me from surfing the internet. After deleting it, everything is running smoothly, including the automatic update process. Matt
windows update process. can be disabled. rikimaru silent assasin
Usually Windows Update file, but sometimes W32. Cult Trojan. Be careful. Whoever made the Trojan is very smart to make everyone blame MS. jesse
This will affect system Performance Chandravel
it's a windows auto update file, it should be in 2 locations only, system32 and prefetch, anywhere else and it could be a virus scott kendall
if you want to stop it from starting up, run services.msc and set it from automatic to manual/disabled miarf
Used for windows auto update. Filename is an abbreviation of "Windows Automatic Update Client" AJ
I have pop add problems, after every Internet Explorer window open I will have a pop ad. I end the process thru windows task mgr. and all my pop adds are gone. Rapha.
It is, like many here have said an Automatic Update file. If found in the sys32 folder, it is legit. When you view the Task Manager, it should say "SYSTEM" for user name. If it does, leave it. Even with AutoUpdates disabled, it will update now and then for files, but the AutoUpdates just reduce the updates by a lot. Nothing to worry about unless elsewhere but "SYSTEM" and "C:\Windows\system32". Hope that helps! Ryan Preston
Not dangerous, Windows update program. Dom
Its an automated update for Windows. It can also be present in C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch and in C:\WINDOWS\System32\dllcache as well as the above mentioned directories. The main process wuauclt.exe will be in the region of 108-114Kb (can differ). Do NOT clear it unless its present in the aforementioned directory positions and found elsewehere on the system too. Kab
This *IS* part of the M$ update stuff. If you want to kill it, just right click and choose kill process tree. Problem Solved. What an obnoxious piece of software! Paolo
The original and mal-free wuauclt.exe that can be found under windows\system32 is an auto update file. There could be either 2 files wuauclt1 and wuauclt or jus wuauclt. If you installed the latest microsoft update digital certificates, then you will have the old wuauclt (installed with windows and part of windows update) named as 1 and new one as wuauclt. If you find this file in other places on your computer like c:\windows it could be malicious. I have come across at least 1 trojan myself and heard about others which disguise themselves with this name. The one that i came across was Piyush
If you installed updates but don't want to restart your machine and can't get that nag window to stop bothering you, terminate this process. Anon
It starts when you go to the TRUE Windows Update page. If this process is not running you are at the FALSE Windows Update page used for phishing Debra A. Snipes
(W)indows(Update)(A)uto(U)pdate (C)(l)ien(t) penismuncher
Windows update services Mr. Truth
On laptop with sp2 and 512k (max) it will slow the system down, consume ~100% of the cpu tasks. for those who are comfortable making changes to your sys
This is only the windows updater. What a stupid comment "Virus and spyware" neus
If this is part of the auto updates, then why does it still run when you have automatic updates disabled? Takman.
It is harmless...,only used for microsoft automatic updates MikeF
To those saying their copy will keep launching when killed off, that's because the automatic update client runs as a service, and when killed, Windows will restart it. You'll find stopping the service "Automatic Updates" in the services applet (services.msc) will keep wuauclt stopped. As for wuauclt1, I've got several clean machines that have it, from various installation sources, and it seems legit, despite having a slightly different filesize, they are both signed with a similar signature, the only difference being wuauclt1.exe having it's signature date a minute later. Mr. Anonymous Dude
As with any process you see running in Task Manager which just seems to be causing your hard drive to churn away for awhile don't panic. Just google 'wuauclt process', as with any process about which you have doubts, and you will eventually learn to click on a secure link return which will give you the information you need. baudrunner
Microsoft is trying to render XP unstable in an effort to boost Vista, this is now a danger. Stop it from doing harm by opening regedit. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Image File Execution Options\ add a key "wuauclt.exe" add a string value under that "debugger" and set the string value to "ntsd.exe" this will start the program in a debugger and not let it do any harm Kent Brockman
Appears associated with an instance of scvhost.exe such that when allowed to run, scvhost will consume memory and cpu time until resources are maxed out. Whether this is malware or just the quality of programming we've come to expect, I don't yet know. Check what Silentbob said in another post. Laz
This is not necessarily for windows updates, it is also used as part of Microsoft's notoriously flawed "windows genuine advantage" program. On it's own, it's wholly useless, hogs as much bandwidth as it can get away with, is in constant communication with Microsoft, and is more of a personal information risk than anything else. If you've turned off automatic updates, then terminate this file. lostinlodos
Hi not real roleplayinggames.com  See also: Link ass raped
if you has desactivated the autoupdate and the WUAUCLT.EXE still running, you are infected. Note the name in MAY, it's not wuauclt.exe, part of windows update. These homonimia evited the antivirus and spyware tools remove them Juan Penas
this malware hung up internet connection. it's mimetize inwith the homonimous wuauclt.exe as WUAUCLT.EXE, so most of the antivirus and removal spyware can't detected them. If you have turnoff autoupdate and the WUAUCLT.EXE is running, you are infected Juan Penas
Had the following trouble: data transfer while connected to the internet, but I didn't anything. TCPView showed, that IE is scanning ports somewhere. If I disable IE in msconfig, this does not happen. A check with HijackThis showed, that wualclt.exe might be involved. felix
Not dangerous at all, just the windows update process, usually found in system32, windows backup and installation folder  See also: Link Shought
no music anymore :D I lost my soundcard driver's and then came this! ProLine [FIN]
It makes my laptop go extremely slow and can't be deleted. It's a legitimate Windows file when in Windows/System32, but it never goes away on my laptop and really slows me down. Schnippshly
After years of no problems, it started causing endless 100% CPU utilization. I've disabled it both in the Control Panel Auto Updates and msconfig services. But how to update my machine now? Fred
Mine was just a normal windows file, however my friend had a problem with this a few months ago and it was a virus. If its causing problems, first let it run for a few min(10 min max) if it hasnt gone away shut off automatic updates in ctrl panel, if it still hasnt gone away, download any kind of delete on boot up software and get rid of it that way, or just do a search and delete all copies you can find. This program isnt needed, you can go to the windows site periodically to get updates if you need them. If this thing is causing any problems at all, squash it like a bug. Nathan
If you notice slow performance, and inability to access some or all internet sites, check for wuauclt1 in your c:\windows\system32\dllcache dir. Delete it there first (may also be in the prefetch dir) and then you can delete it from the system32 dir. May exist as an .exe or as a .cab file. Also search for ns7.exe and ftpuser.exe. This may be a valid system file, but it can definitely be exploited. secureit
its the windows update thing but it lags your comp when updating iamthebest
We're obliged to have wuauclt checking for security updates but I've spoken to Microsoft about why it seems to take 100% CPU while it's checking what updates it needs. Why can't it run itself with a lower priority? Walter
its a prosses that looks for updates and if any tells you to install them terence gurry
I just fixed my systems. I did a search for WU* and there was a old version in my "c:\windows\prefetch" folder, that the os was loading and it was not the version that was in the system32 directroy. I flushed the prfetch cache, and rebooted 2 times, and it has cleared the problem. I suggest a free utility to do this is at http://CCLEANER.COM You will need to turn on clear prefetch, as this is a controversial cleanup option, but I now have a new reason to do this to systems I set up.  See also: Link Rich S. (MCSE, CET, NTCIP)
The are two processes in task manager 1.under name of wuauclt.exe and 2.Under the name of system
Kaspersky anti-virus recommends if not MS file to delete it  See also: Link Vincew9298
i turned off automatic updates but sometimes when i turn on my computer i find wuauclt increasin the computer usage to 100% and when i end both the process and the process tree it instantly starts running again kip
if WU always shows "Some updates were not installed" ....  See also: Link Ajesh Kavalan
I deleted this thing completely from my computer now its working again. i had over 100% cpu usage for long periods of time so i looked up this page.== thx guys it didn't slow down my internet connection but i used my whole ram space and it was running althoug i turned off automatically updates. floW*
Auto-ownloads "security updates" which in turn just slow down your computer unless you are prone to downloading malicious porn or junk mail. Jerry
its microsoft auto update...but also microsot crash sysytem tool...it was in my computer and i tried 2 end it in task manger but it started again and it made 2 copies whice seem 2 me ass spyware/trojan or virus cuz when i tried installl update it installl a trojan/spyware (fake scurity patch) i noticed thiz and ran antispyware(counter antispyware 5 stars) and it removed it and i thought i was safe again but not it alwayz told me that there is new updates and when i tried to install them it wass freeez my system so i tried loook some sitesdicded to disable thiz and my pc now super fast makaveli
my vversion which is smaller than those reported was attempting to contact ips belonging to AKAMAI.COM and Level 3 Communications, Inc. LVLT-ORG-209-84 oddd that it would be connecting to those ips, and not microsoft's netblock? but i have good av and anti-malware software, and a good firewall that caught the attempts to connect...
there are a few vesions of this file if you can stop the process in task manager without it restarting itself there is nothing to worry about, it is the ms updater tool. however if it does restart itself you have a virus sorry. AKCurt
even if this file is stopped MS still downloads files to your system reagardless if you have automatic updates turned on or not - they can start it up when they want and stop it when they want - it is NOT, repeat NOT specifically for Vista - they've been running it a long time just through different names - sorry folks - this file lets the gorilla look in at you (but you're really not that important) if he wants to. Dude
Runs in backround when you have Auto-updates enabled. thats about it Bennett
My wuauclt error path is to the temporary folders. When I delete all the wauclt folders they rewrite themelseves. How to get rid? virus scan did not work, 'sfc /scannow' did not work and registry/file scan did not work. Help! James Woronow
When I open up my task manager processes, I always have over 30 of wuauclt.exe's running at the same time. I checked my system32 folder and there is "wuauclt1.exe" and "wuauclt.exe". What is going on with this.... Mel
Windows update client Panik
I went through and ran serice.msc in the run program in the start menu.
It can make old computer very slow. Sometimes it can also have in old systems a very high CPU. And sometimes it can stop the Windows caus this high CPU. But you can delete Windows Update Process with Security Task Manager. The Guy^^
wuauclt.exe showed up in C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\Oracle (or any file) Michael Rivera
Killing this got rid of the annoying "We are going to force you to reboot your computer" message that popped up every 5 mintues while I was in the middle of some important stuff. Bob
Its Windows Automatic Update Service , Slows Down Inet Connection... Unknow
Windows Update file. Use Zone alarm or the like to disable it. It's harmless on it's own but brings a special kind of hell with it ....Windows Updates. ARRRGHH These cause more problems worldwide than many viruses. ORACLE
Turning off automatic updates would not turn it off on min e. I read that Microsoft made it mandatory , however it locked my computer up daily for hours especially after hybernating. A program called TUT will suspend, terminate and delete it. It also says to only run manual updates. When I put notify only on automatic updates, it immediately came back and locked up my computer. MS or not - it is a major problem for me so I used TUT to shut it down and left updates off. glenn-k
...It's Window's way of upadating you comp so it ain't got any malware or spyware in it xD Sogg xD
Not Dangerous, Just a pain in the A$$, It is part if MS Update. Go Start, Run, Services.msc, on Automatic Updates, Stop it and Disable it. That will stop all the issues with wuauclt.exe. I will also not allow you to use auto update. you will have to manualy up date to XP SP3. After you turn it off if you try to go to MS auto update web page and try to make it work they will tell you to turn it back on. Problem. So don't turn it back on just go get XP SP3 manualy. Buck
runs always when windows update is on, also on winXP! DingDong
At least some viruses either have this name or infect the real one jmxz
All of the bad things said are true for me except when try to erase or change the name, it immediately comes back to the same name even before I re-boot. If I erase and immediately do a find, it is back. Jack
pops up asking me to install updates and to restart my computer.even when i try to end the task,another one takes(two) its place inem_em
This Windows Spyware. I have Zone Alarm Pro on my P4 and I have blocked Auto update from accessing the web. I also killed WGA altogether.Both of these and most other Windows programs will automatically turn into servers on your machine and send back any and everything you have, do, visit, type etc.After banning this Zone Alarm infroms me everytime it tries to hit the net and calls it a malicious program. FYI, there is only one program on my system allowed to act as a server:- uTorrent. EVERY other program that becomes a server on your system is spyware. Get Zone Alarm Pro free at Mininova, . Install, then turn off it's updates too º Munchi Mike
Some people who use broadband internet services set system reservable bandwidth to zero, i did the same. After some time i found that there were 2 wuauclt.exe in my taskmanager. so i again restored the reservable bandwidth settings and my problem was solved. Akif
i have two wuauclt.exe programs running in my task manager one is 1,824 kb other is 2,896 is that a virus arkona666
if you remove it, you're gonna have hard time to turn off computer everytime. it is not a virus. In C;/ there are two same name file, Do Not touch them. Daniel
It is the Windows autoupdate file.When it runs it slows down the PC markedly RayO
It is WindowsXP's automatic updater - not dangerous, but will use connection bandwidth ChessWarrior
its perfectly fine... I use it ALL THE TIME at work in the form "wuauclt.exe /detectnow" It's used to pull updates from out WSUS server... dumbasses Bubblegoose
I had this file in prefetch and i deleted it. My computer runs faster and the internet is too. Sandeep
Windows Updates in background :) neosocool
I found two files under the name of wuauclt.exe, one said windows auto updater, the other said Windows update automatic updates, yeahm I think I'll get rid of that one. jes
This Windows Update file simply runs in the background when your automatic updates are on. However, the problem is that it can kick into high gear at any time and simply "freeze" your computer because it hogs so much memory. You're better off simply turning them off and updating them manually from the website if you ask me. Take control of the updates yourself; don't let Windows control you. Chris Pherson
I had windows update turned off but this process was running. I checked my windows/system32 dir and found wuauclt.ex (50K) and wuaucly1.exe (165K)the last one seems to be the correct one. Anthony
I had two processes running, one was running with my username and other one with system. the system one took huge amounts of processor and memory. I did a search with wuauclt.exe name. found 3 files, deleted everyone of them. one came back but the bad process stayed away. Veepee
I'm using Windows XP MCE SP2. According to Kaspersky, it keeps coming back every once in a while. I block it, but Windows Update is still working. It might be malware, but I'm not 100% sure. MasterOfTheXP
wuauclt.exe I did try to paste into this space and the pasting went somewhere. Frank
Be concerned if it takes more than 15,000K of memory. Konnor
Its safe it doesnt make any damage.Its Windows Update
It is windows update. On most systems XP this could be an issues if you are running an Imaged OS. Most cases I have found it to be a direct issue with the SoftwareDistribution folder. You can delete this folder safely. Run Safe mode then delete c:\windows\Softwaredistrobution folder. This fixes most issues with wuauclt.exe Kirk-Long
I had two files in C: windows system32 folder. wuauclt.exe and wuauclt1.exe when I tried to delete them, I got a message that they were part of MS operating system and needed to insert my WinXP cd to restore them back to my system. I put in the CD and they were automatically restored. I do have most of the syptoms mentioned in this thread, I can't figure out what, for one is causing my processor to run constantly. Very slow computer. Booting up takes 15 min at least. xonegurlx
The only thing "risky" about this file is having an anti-virus that loves to give false positives. Norton, Kaspersky, McAffee, and many others cause this file to be needlessly deleted/disabled and therein ruining Automatic Updates. Don't give into paranoia, keep your Windows(r) up-to-date. Get a better anti-virus.  See also: Link Anti-Paranoia
it can be easily infected with trojans max
Wuauclt.exe is COMPLETELY fine. The virus that looks like wuauclt.exe is wuaucIt.exe. DELETE wuaucIt.exe but LEAVE wuauclt.exe FirebrathingDragon2
Dont Turn it off, same as wmiprsve.exe it is needed for system security. Illuminati
This file is Windows XP sp2 update. Not virus not trojen in SP2 Yunus
the confusion is because there is a virus that uses this same name. The valid windows file is C:\Windows\System32\wuauclt.exe (this is the Windows Updates Executable). The virus is usually "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Common\wuauclt.exe"  See also: Link Xpyder
If it runs when auto update is off. Go to auto update in control panel. enable auto update then disable it. Then go to program manager Ctrl-Alt-Del and manually kill it. This should keep it from re appearing, at least until u reboot and windows tries to check for updates again. Dave
It's completely normal, it's for Windows Update..You can disable it if you want..Use Adminisrative Tools/services..But you'll need to re-enable it to access the Windows Automatic Update site Bobby
looked at a niehbors comp cannot connect online directed to antivirus live run avg in safe mode files blocked will run taskmgr tommarrow try to eliminate Patrick
Can run and eat up 75% or more of system resources. It is definitely possible to be a virus. Normal function is Windows AutoUpdate but verified that infected version attempted to take over system. Seth
it can be extremely annoying and slow down your computer regularly--if this is happening for your try to disable autoupdate. samuel
Nothing It's in my freking desktop and it allways pops up that a keylogger :win32,wuauclt,Personalav are attackinmg the system Garry
Sabotages Satellite Internet connction Rowland Barkley
More: Replicated very fast, launched from your current user name and from system. "Task Manager" cannot effectively kill it. It replicates fast, changing names. From Microsoft, download "Systernals Process Explorer" which is what Task Manager should be. Much more powerfull. It has the command of "Kill Process Tree". This multi-layer kill comand seems to kill the process that launched Wuaudlt.exe, or the process it launched, its function is to launch more variants. So I killed it. I looked in C:Windows\System32\ found variants of Wuaudlt.exe & re-named the recent 1. Then run anti-spy Buddy-Budifukoe
It is another name for SyncMan.exe Buzzy
Can run and eat up 75% or more of system resources. It is definitely possible to be a virus. Normal function is Windows AutoUpdate but verified that infected version attempted to take over system. Microsoft
It is the windows auto update process, which is why it will eat up a large quantity of system resources at various times. Do not delete it unless you are completely sure it is corrupt or a virus variation. Most virus scanners will find the virus variation for you and remove it accordingly jay
This file is used for automatic updates. You can even force an update using the command. Shannon
windows update. This is under C:\Windows\System32 in my system ajaypr
It once consumed 100,000+kb of memory.Really lag. john
Hey retards it's a windows update process. Dur hur hur.  See also: Link Anonymous
Win Update. Then you swich on your machine this process strts for 30 sec, cheack you pc and trying get some updatets. if if your system is updated this proces is closed automiticaly. Leonid
Think about this: If you turn off automatic updates, then why is this file checking for updates ? It seems really sus to me ! M$ Lars
i think it's windows updater but it takes lot of cpu usage. At times i check for this in task manager and end process. Ray
it keps sayin it needs to close Slap party on Alex
file is not danguros but its a hog on space trae
Just update your programs! SLIM
Geez, it is part of Windows Update. You can kick off the process by typing, "wuauclt /detectnow" from the CMD line if you want to check updates immediately. Buzz Aldridge
Win XP: wuauclt.exe soll wieder weg!  See also: Link Eva
I had the wauaclt.exe process running in Task manager, taking up 32,000 to 115,000 K of space. I don't think that's normal. I also found the files wauaclt and wauaclt1 in System32, only wauaclt1 had a windows update icon, the other showed up as just a generic application. I deleted wauaclt.exe and renamed wauaclt1.exe like some other people did (this was difficult as wauaclt.exe restored itself within 5 seconds until I renamed the other). I then removed it (2+ copies actually because I had to try several times) from the recycle bin. Then the process stopped reappearing too. Polaris
Is causing windows update tray icon to appear, and acts like it is installing an update after every shutdown, but reappears every time computer is restarted. itcanbeavirus
I have a wuauclt.exe under system32, but I also have one listen under servicepackfiles/i368 Jon
The file is normally just a windows update file which can be infested with a trojan - you can tell by the size of memory use in task manager. One of the system I have seen it was using in access of 150MB of RAM aand had other services at the same size leaving an available memory od about 100MB not good Zgork - CISSP
any background process you didn't use but soaks up cpu is most likely to be virus. coby
Usually "safe" part of the automatic updates in Windows ME/XP/Vista/7. It should be in either C:\Windows\System32 for Windows XP/Vista/7 or in C:\Windows for you ME users. wuauclt1 is the client, wuauclt is the actual program. If either is not located where they are supposed to be, you can suspect a virus. Disabling automatic updates will cause the process to go away(only if it isn't actually a virus), but you will not be able to get updates any more. Jennifur Pawson
it's the windows update, mine's corrupt. I have xp and used msconfig to disable it under the services tab. I check for updates manually once a week funky fresh
As stated above, it is the Windows Update service. It is completly safe, but can aslo use a load of resources on your computer, which will slow it down. My computer started running extremly slow and after disabling the service (Hit "Start" "Run", type "services.msc", and disable "Automatic Updates") my computer was fine. The only thing to take note of is that you need to re-enable it to download updates from the Windows website  See also: Link Chrs
could be an extension file for add ons such as toolbars in net explorers (radio, AVG etc). I uninstalled a radio toolbar to see it dissapear from the task manager. there is one still running but i'm keeping the avg one Hawk
resource hog JoAnne
I don't know if it a hijacked sys file or not--but wuauclt.exe completely disables my XP pro system for 30 min. at a time. Is not picked up by malware detector. It is so system intensive I cannot do anything while it runs. But I turned off autoupdate and so far it has not come up again (I have been a bit worried about deleting it) David D
causes very slow system operation bob
Can also be under wuauclt1.exe WATCH OUT
Solving this problem sped up my computer from a crawl back up to zippy when nothing else did. Marla
something that helps MS add security features to OS
its the win updater just end process
windows automatic update. causes me very long start up and hard drive activity.20 mins typically before computer usable.do not know solution other than turning off updates Ray B
It runs when I turn my computer on, and takes over 97 MB (!) of RAM. When I turn it off, it doesn't come back, so I think it's legitimate. AndrewB
my hard drive completely busy and can't get access. When terminated this process everything became normal. tes
I see alot of complaints people unable to use the internet until they shut it down etc. It is not the internet or your programs. It is using up your computer RAM. Using my System Mechanic It shut down this file and showed it was using over 60% of my memory. Each time I restart my computer for the last week I would have to just about force SM to run.. Today I took some time to actually find the file with SM. Now on the internet I have learned It could be disquised as a virus of sometype. I have found it in three places. Not sure what to do about it yet. Thanks for the info here. MikeK
It makes my PC slower than usual in partnership with svhost.exe
wuauclt.exe does windows updates. there's a virus that the task manager on xp calls wuauclt.exe but is called wuauclt1.exe on disk. it disguises itself as the window update process Chris
it's not a virus it just connects to microsoft or something like that and look for new updates. it works together with svchost.exe and it uses all you pc recources wich is bad but jsut disable it and run it every month or 2 months like me. thomas
Windows update client Miami
There is a file wuaclt.exe created in a USB drive and also on other drivers and there is an autorun file as well, which contains: [AuToRuN] UsEAUtOpLaY=1 ShElL\OpEn=Open SHELL\OpEn\CoMmAnD=Temp1324\wuaclt.exe OPEN=Temp1324\wuaclt.exe . This application hides all your folders in the root dir and creates new files .exe using the folders' names. Paul
Its not dangerous, but for me it took up 100,000k of memory, you can go ahead and end the process, it helps a lot. Bill
This thing is a ridiculous resource hog just for a background updater. If there are no updates after I boot up, I kill the process. At 69 megs it can bloody well go buy its own memory chips and not waste mine. Kawless
looks for updates for windows and can tie things up rick merrill
It can be both. As many people have pointed out on here, it is a legit microsoft process. when only one or two are running. i got hit by the 'system tools' virus, and am still trying to recover. it is now running in 37 different places on my computer. so, if you only see it once or twice, it's probably safe. if half of your system processes are wuauclt.exe, there might be a problem BrevardRonin
This is a clean file. To find out if it is clean or a virus, open task manager, and end the task. Then if a windows update sign pops up, that means it's not a virus. if nothing happens, then it's a virus. Then i suggest you to get an anti-virus, like microsoft security essentials. Pengocent
Check the size of it. On XP with the latest Update Agent, wuauclt.exe should be over 160K. If you find it in System32 with a size of 52 or 53 K, that's a fake one, especially if you keep getting an error popup about it and you cannot access Windows Update or Microsoft Update. What I want to know is how to ferret out the malware that keeps replacing the real wuauclt.exe with a fake one that constantly tries to "phone home" but is blocked by Windows security, yet no antivirus scan can find a bleeping thing wrong. Galane
It interrupts music, loading high-intensity programs such as Firefox, and runs the CPU pretty hard at about 75-80k on my machine. I always kill it when I hear it running. It's mostly an annoyance, not a problem. As an auto-update program, it sucks. Windows needs to run something a little less memory-intensive. crazycow
overloads my computer and had about 26 instances of it running from 500kb - 5mb per file steve
Important for Windows Auto Updates and overall pc security  See also: Link Maria
IT IS A TROJAN. When connected to a network there's a blue screen of death! Eset detected it as a trojan. Jason Bourne
wuauclt.exe is the AutoUpdate Client of Windows Update and is used to check for available updates (for various versions of the MS Windows platform) from Microsoft Update. The wuauclt.exe file is included in the Task Manager's list of active processes when it is waiting for a response or an action to be performed by the user.  See also: Link Valentine
checked out this in tune up manager and its microsoft updater so DONT PANIC peace out. Rich67
is it a virus worn trojan
Backdoor Auto Update Computerguy
It's an executable file made for Windows 7 to run on cmd. for a Windows Server Update Services snap in tool to detect computers on the WSUSServer....It's absolutely harmless, what the heck gave you the impression that it's malware? Riaz, S A+, Network+, Security+, MCTS
I have FOUR of them running right now. Dmitri-TheHonoredCraziness
It's a Keylogger, the size in my computer is only 76.3 KB, keep it crawled into a temporary file called "tmp $ 2334.tmp" I discovered this when I noted that my pc was slow, it created a 1KB files in my documents and then hidden. Nicholas Memphis
solution - Run: msconfig - tab: services - uncheck: automatic updates, microsoft corporation steve
It's Windows Automatic Updates pretty much what anoyyes you about updates killing the porcess stoped said update download Random internet guy
It appears when update dialogue is being run on the computer BrokenMouse
keeps re-initializing itself, multi-initializes simultaneously, slows things down, cannot be deleted, extremely maddening, creator should be tortured for years Ronn Jonn
wuauclt.exe A based tool to control Update events in Windows XP. This process cannot be removed or closed. LITTLE LEGEND
I go into Processes and turn it off in my old desktop. Makes it speed up, isn't missed. Nina
wuauclt.exe is the AutoUpdate Client of Windows Update and is used to check for available updates  See also: Link moosh
I know I have a virus. Avast found it in win32 and flagged it as infected KerryE
this is windows update.if u feel that system are very slow just cloase the auto update from control pannel. Vikas
-- Jason Bourne: It isn't a trojan, it is a Windows updater required for your pc. Ever notice little pop-ups on your taskbar saying Windows Has Updates to install? That's the updater, and during shut down, you'll see it say Configuring windows updates. If you got a blue screen of death you probably deleted something you werent supposed to, or you just have a bad computer. Dr. Haxx
I have the runservice.exe license virus in Windows XP service pack 2 and eliminated it because it would capture and not let go of my WiFi connection. It started up the wuauclt.exe updater which stalls the WiFi connection screens from coming up. If you stop the process, the WiFi immediately shows up. The runservice.exe virus would hide my main WiFi connections but the Wuauclt.exe seems to just get in the way as it never actually executes. So there is a significant delay but does not capture my WiFi connection. In seems harmless but nothing bad occurs when you stop the service in XP. MrMike
It's like Doctors giving different sollution for one problem. Microsoft what they have to say. Peace and love !  See also: Link Kaleab Tesfaye
It's not trojan/virus/advare... but it's easy to infect under xp it's properties has to be the following: Placed: C:\WINDOWS\system32 Size: 53 472 bytes Version: 7.4.7600.226 Description: Windows Update Copyright: © Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Fileversion: 7.4.7600.226 (winmain_wtr_wsus3sp2(wmbla).090806-1834) Digital sign fingerprint: 0f ec d6 db 0c 4d 9b 14 fa c2 db 9a 03 8d 6b c4 37 bf 17 a0 Digital sign serial: 61 02 a4 e9 00 00 00 00 00 09 --
Windows update - It runs for hardware driver searches even when all windows update processes are turned off. On principal I want to disable it on any well tuned system. Gordon James
It is a windows automatic updater but you need to disable it and update manually. You need to make sure is the right package before dowloading the update. I didn't do it in one of my computers and it downloaded a trojan with the same file name and extension. So, disable your auto-update and do it manually from now on. JJ
Do not disable this service! Run your Windows System File Checker (SFC) to detect for any problems with the file - it'll replace it if needed.  See also: Link Ron
I kept getting an 'update' popup (midscreen) saying it needed .NET framwork. I installed ".NET framwork v2" and it seemed to 'fix' the popup for Update and the cpu isn't running at 100% all the time now.  See also: Link Ron
If they had half a brain the file would only startup when the updates were scheduled instead of wasting resources all day every day.
popped up as a threat on windows security essentials.
Windows Update Client Peter
it is a windows update jr
its apperaring every 10-15 seconds and disapears immediately. this is very disturbing while typing. stelian
It only updates your windows software. You can disable the file in taskmanager, or disable it complete. Romy
Its the automatic updates client for Windows. It opposes no threat but can bog down your CPU usage. Some anti-virus software will detect as a trojan or proxy, but it's legit software. If you're scared to keep it running or need the extra CPU boost, just disable it. Computer Expert
On one Windows XP system I used the Services to stop the Automatic Updates process but then it came back. Next I switched the AU service from Automatic to Manual and it still came back. Finally I changed AU from Manual to Disabled and stopped it again. Now I do not see it showing up. Don't know there was a virus but don't think so. Am running Windows Defender and it doesn't say there is a problem. MK
this file is safe,except some malware can inject to wuauclt.exe process , example : gamarue worm  See also: Link YudhaTP
I found it with procexp.exe tool, it was keeping my flash drives autorun.inf locked while moving files around my flash drive.. I removed it and puf! No more problems. P.S.: also found a wuauclt1.exe with a Windows Update icon(i believe it's the original file). The virus didn't have an icon!! Radu
1. To turn it off, click Start/Run and type services.msc. Look for the service that says "Automatic Updates" and double click it. Press "Stop" to stop the service To prevent it from running on reboot, change startup type to "disabled" Press Ok.  See also: Link some tech
I dislable Windows Updates Service but this wuaucit.exe is runing.It's a virus!I shearch it but nothing.It's a hidden file.Destroy it!! NicN5ering
Automatic updates. Safe and important, because it updates your system and programs. It's sometimes annoying because it consumes much RAM at times. LG
Whenever I first start up my computer, a windows xp, it is in the task manager under SYSTEM. Then a few seconds later another wuauclt comes up under my username. Once and a while my computer takes on some serious lag caused by the wuauclt under SYSTEM spiking to 135,000 K of memory usage. When I end the process it stops and sometimes restarts with lower mem usage. When I end the wuauclt under my user name the little yellow windows defender icon disappears. HTML5-JS-CSS-Dev
I got 50% CPU from svchost.exe -k -netsvcs and I fixed it by disabling Windows Update. Chuckymore
Anyone who says this is dangerous doesn't know what they are talking about. It is the client process for the Windows Update service, which installs security patches, hotfixes, and other various updates for your Windows system to keep it secure from virus attacks. Spencer
The latest version I have on XPP is 7.5.7600.256 from 2012.06.02 at 15:19:34 and a file size of 53,784 bytes. This file is in windows\system32\dllcache, windows\system32 and windows\LastGood\system32 There are older versions around which stem from an auto repair process, which were erroneously retrieved from Windows\ServicePackFiles\i386 (MS-Bug) Hardy Hoffmann

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