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The development of FrameMaster has been discontinued.   Most of the FrameMaster functionality can be found in Collage Maker.  
View Picture Frame Functionality in Collage Maker.

For those who are still interested in ordering FrameMaster you can purchase FrameMaster for $13.95.

  • Add frames, edges and border effects to photos
  • FrameMaster Supports most graphic formats (JPG, BMP, TIF, PCX, etc)
  • Contains over 100 Ornate frames
  • View Ornate Frame samples
  • More ornate frames are available on the website
  • FrameMaster Overlays are used to add interesting edge effects to photos
  • FrameMaster Masks apply edges effects to photos as shown to the right
  • A realistic drop shadow effect can easily added
  • You can also create a solid or pattern-filled shadow
  • Some additional effects not shown include a Buttonize effect, Box effect, and more
  • FrameMaster contains flexible printing capabilities
  • Contains a print preview window
  • Easily resize photos to common photo sizes
  • Print multiple photos on the same page (pictured to the left)
  • Rubber Stamps can be applied to any region of the photo
  • Stamps are designed to blend perfectly into the photograph

  • Download FrameMaster
    Download additional picture frames 

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