Dukan Diet Phase 2

If you have faithfully followed the regime of the Dukan Diet Attack Phase, you have probably initially dropped a good amount of weight. Whether you reached the 10 limit of Phase I or found that your weight loss taper off beforehand, it is now time to move onto Phase II of the Dukan Diet known as the Cruise Phase.

In this phase of the Dukan Diet, you are seeking to reach your target weight after getting a nice head start from the Attack Phase. Unlike the Attack Phase, this level of the Dukan Diet does not have a set time limit. You simply work the program during the Cruise Phase until you reach your specified weight goal.

Focus on an Eating and Exercising Rhythm

The Cruise Phase allows you to add and increase the amounts and kinds of vegetables you could eat during the Attack Phase while continuing a high protein intake. The proper proportions are achieved by alternating Pure Protein (PP) days and Protein and Vegetable (PV) days. This one PP day followed by one PV day and then continuously repeated seems to get the best and fastest weight loss results.

Meals under the Cruise Phase can now include a large variety of various vegetables that were not allowed during Phase I. However, you still are not allowed to eat high carb or sugar foods such as potatoes, beans, avocadoes, sweet corn, lentils, peas, or any fruit. You can eat as many vegetables from the allowed Dukan Diet list as you want, raw or cooked, and in as big of portions as you want, but don’t neglect your daily intake of protein.

How to Determine the Approximate Time until the Next Phase

As mentioned at the beginning, there is no set time limit for this phase of the Dukan Diet plan. However, you want to be able to gauge your goals so you can roughly estimate your phase transition time.

The basic rule of thumb is that it will take approximately three days of faithfully implementing the Cruise Phase to lose one pound. Therefore, if your target weight loss is 20 pounds then you will need to follow this portion of the plan for approximately 60 days.

Keep in mind that stumbles occur when dieting. Should you have a bad day and break your diet, there is no need to start over completely. Simply pick up again where you were at the next day in Phase II and continue.

Requirements of the Dukan Diet Cruise Phase

Besides following the above guidelines, you should also observe the following requirements of Phase II of the Dukan Diet.

  • Increase bran intake to 2 tablespoons daily.
  • Increase briskly walking or some other form of exercise to 30 minute sessions.
  • Your weight will fluctuate somewhat during the Cruise Phase so it is not recommended to weigh yourself on a daily basis as you did in the Attack Phase. Therefore, weigh yourself once a week and after a PP (pure protein) day.
  • Continue the Cruise Phase for as long as it takes to reach your target weight goal by following the approximate 3-day rule.