Thursday March 24 , 2016
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Religion and the Military

Today is National Prayer Day and we are to pray for America this year.  We certainly need to do just that.  In a story out of Breitbart today, we are finding out that the Pentagon is consulting with Mikey Weinstein, an avowed anti-religion individual who runs an organization focused on ensuring that the separation of church and state be established in the United States military.  His efforts have been focused on ensuring that the religious, evangelical right not have control of the military.  I am really surprised at this, as in all my years in and around the military, I never encountered anything that would come close to being over the top.  I suppose it is possible for commanders or senior non-commissioned officers to impose themselves on their charges, but this type of thing usually got taken care of by the enforcement of cultural norms within the military establishment.  What is so frightening about all this is the apparent effort on the part of the Pentagon to criminalize the practice of religion in the service.   The logical extension of this kind of thinking is essentially eliminating the chaplaincy from the structure of the uniformed services.  As a veteran and former unit commander, I cannot overstate the importance of the chaplaincy in the morale and welfare of all of the organizations to which I had the honor of being a member.

There are countless organizations springing up who want to take God out of the public square.  I get some of that, but for the military to have one of its fundamental organizing principles under attack is more than I can take.  The individual being consulted by the Pentagon is a service academy grad and is supposed to be a registered republican.  I sincerely doubt that, but it is possible.  What is so disturbing is that in the news report, the indication was that the President had ordered this consultation.  What in the world is the President doing trying to dismantle the very culture of the services?  Is he intimidated by the members of the service?  Is he going after the service because they are the most popular institution in the country?  Is this yet another move to further displace the American people from their practice of faith?  Is this part of some larger effort?  Whatever the motivation, this is one of the most despicable acts ever perpetrated by a sitting Commander in Chief.

Every American should be outraged by this and everyone of us should be calling our senators, representatives and the committee members for the house and senate armed services committees.  You might also want to google Mikey Weinstein and investigate his organization.  Very interesting reading.  We can stop this, so let's get started.