Thursday March 24 , 2016
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The Amoral Radical Left

I have often commented on the fact that if one is to be able to understand the radical left, one must pay attention to what they do and not what they say.  What I find most revolting about the radical left is their amorality--a complete dismissal of morality or even moral principles.  I can accept a person as being immoral--fighting against moral principles, and by that behavior acknowledging the existence of right and wrong--but a person that is amoral is more dangerous than any other form of human being.  Those that are amoral have no moral compass, no sense of integrity and no inhibitions concerning their actions.  This lack of a moral filtering will allow the amoral individual, read that those on the radical left, to do anything to achieve his or her ideological goals.  People who are not bound by a sense of right and wrong find even the slightest scintilla of moral grounding to be a theat to them and their agenda.

There are many actions amoral individuals will pursue to ensure they have free rein in a society in which chaos is injected.  First, the radical left will do everything they can to suppress free speech.  All one has to do is to examine the people in this administration and congress that want to revitalize the Fairness Doctrine, which would essentially eliminate talk radio from the airways.  Further, there is some movement by this adminstration to inject themselves into controlling content on the Internet.  Of course, the market is controlling those outlets that are popular and those that are not, and today, the left is losing ground.

The second tactic of the amoral radical left is to subvert religion.  One has to look no further than the near religious adherence of the left to environmentalism and Darwinism.  The left's constant attacks on the Constitution using the false arguments concerning the separation of church and state have virtually eliminated any mention of character shaping tenets in our schools or in the public domain.  The Constitution prohibits the establishment of a state religion.  The Constitution does not prohibit religion, and in fact, supports the free practice thereof.  The fundamental Judeo-Christian teachings from which our Founders drew strength and direction should be viewed with reverence and not disdain.  Conservatism is based on, but not dependent upon, the moral teachings found in religion.

The third technique employed by the amoral left is perhaps the most pernicious, and that is the methodical, deliberate indoctrination of our children through a public education system that is as corrupt as those who want to advance an agenda that diminishes at every turn the exceptionality of America.  The underlying philosophy of those that control and teach in our schools is one of egalitarianism.  Because all must be guaranteed equal outcomes, then merit and individuality must be suppressed.  If individuality is suppressed, then there is no individual accountability.  A society cannot survive without individual freedom, merit and accountability.

The fourth tactic pursued by the amoral left is the intentional disarming of the population.  A nation where individuals cannot own or bear arms is one that is bound for tyrannical rule.  The incredibly persistent strength of the individual, his or her freedom and the right to protect one's property has probably kept a tyrannical national government at bay.  The nation was founded by those unafraid to pick up arms to defend their land and their freedom.  Such is still, I believe, to be found in the enduring spirit of most Americans.

The final approach to suppressing those that still value individual freedom is the constant assault on the social contract manifested in the Constitution.  The pronouncements this week of many of those on the radical left that the American people do not care about the fundamental checks and balances found in the Constitution could not be more wrong.  It is the very existance of the Constitution that allows all freedom loving individuals in this country to gain the strength to take back this country from those that would deny that very freedom from us.

At the end of the day, I still believe the individual will win out.  I still believe that those without a moral center cannot prosper in this land for long.  Sooner or later, the spirit of the American people will drive those that do have a moral center to take up "arms" to throw off the suppression of liberty visited upon them by those that deny even the existence of moral principles.  I believe.