Thursday March 24 , 2016
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Commander In Chief

I have been a bit busy with all of the campaign and school work unfolding over the past several months.  I apologize for not posting in awhile.  Recent events, however, make it impossible for me to rationalize any further delay in posting my outrage at our current Commander in Chief.  This president, his administration and the rest of his minions are culpable in the deaths of four brave Americans.  Patreas, Panetta, Rice, Donilon and Clinton all need to go.  Their cowardice is palpable and their ineptitude criminal.

I have scoured the history books and cannot come up with an act on the part of a sitting president that is as injurious to national security or the integrity of the office he holds.  His Constitutional duties are clear, but he has failed in fulfilling the only duty he is ascribed in that wonderful document.  He has failed us in his office, his oath and his behavior.  He plays at president but does not really want to deal with the duties of president.

I predict that before his life is complete, he will be held to account for his actions.  His disdainful, disrespectful and reprehensible behavior is not sitting well with Americans, and his first wake-up call will be the evening of November 6.  He is unworthy of being president and having the honor to command our armed forces.  He should resign today.


Where to Begin?

I am not sure I have ever seen an administration more corrupt in all my years of watching politics.  Even Richard Nixon is a packer compared to our current peerless leader and his band of running dogs.  Perhaps the most egregious example of their continuing pattern of serial lying is the fact that the President and his national security team knew that the attacks in Benghazi were pre-meditated and planned by terrorists.  It is not so much that they now know these things, it is that they knew them almost immediately after the attacks on 9/11 and then systematically lied about events for over two weeks.  Further, the main stream media has not asked the hard questions.  Had this been a republican president, there would almost certainly be calls for investigations, blue ribbon panels, impeachment and jail time for those who dropped the ball.  We know that the State Department, the CIA and a host of other organizations now have blood on their hands because of their neglect and incompetence.  What makes matters worse is that NBC seems to be able to run a better investigation than our own FBI--NBC!!??

Our nation is in danger because we have people in power who are either willfully dismantling the security of the nation or are so inept as to not be able to muster the appropriate level of concern to deal with national interests around the world.  I submit that there are many who know exactly what they are doing and the protection of national interests is not high on the list of priorities.  No, these people relish the notion that America is being taken down a peg or two, even if it means Americans are dying.  The level of incompetence speaks for itself, but what would one expect when you have a PR guy as the national security advisor, a secretary of state who's greatest claim to fame is being First Lady, a UN ambassador who is known as a rigid, inflexible ideologue who doesn't listen and a security advisor from Ireland who is more concerned about human rights than those of Americans in harm's way.  Actually, the outcomes of our foreign policy excursions is wholly predictable.  More's the pity.

This November 6, we must do all we can to get rid of these progressive misfits.  We need people who will honor the Constitution and who will place the rule of law above all else at the head of our government.  There is only one ticket that can claim those credits and it is not the regime that is currently residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  Vote on November 6.


It's About Free Speech

This latest dust-up in the Middle East--the entire expanse of the Middle East--is being blamed on a dumb movie that takes issue with and, in ways, makes fun of Islam.  I have seen the thing and--to put it mildly--we are burning down embassies because of this?  The movie is too stupid to be taken seriously.  No, the movie is a pretext for planned violence.  Worse, our administration is asking that it be suppressed--yielding an American value to the Muslim Brotherhood.

What really is at stake are the values of this nation.  More specifically, are we going to allow the administation to begin suppressing free speech in the name of political correctness?  The progressives who have hijacked the democrat party and are now in charge of our central government will do anything to begin the process of dismantling opposition.  If they can suppress free speech based on some form of religious insult, they will then seek other forms of suppression, to include the revitalization of the Fairness Doctrine--long on the dustbin of history.  What ought to bother people the most in this country is the utter hypocracy of this administration.

I wonder what the president and secretary of state would call the assault on religious freedom engendered in the Department of Health and Human Services contraception mandate.  Also, Secretary of State Clinton, in a speech at Georgetown University, began the process of trying to redefine the notion of what freedom of religion is in the United States.  Her pronouncements about the "freedom to worship" as opposed to the freedom of religion was not by accident.  If the administration can narrow the discussion and limit the expanse of Constitutional protections to simply that one hour or so one might attend a "place" of worship, then these same Godless progressives can begin the process of attacking our right to assemble and the implied right (as supported by the Supreme Court) to associate.  What is at stake is the entirety of the First Amendment, and giving a little might as well mean the end of personal liberty in this country.

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Seeing the Ghost of Ronald Reagan

I had the honor of being on the floor of the Republican National Committee convention last night as Mitt Romney took the stage to accept the nomination of his party. Aside from the rude and disrespectful behavior of some of fellow Iowans, there was a rising sense of confidence and grace as the evening progressed. Last night, we got insights into the person that is Mitt Romney, and, like most great men, there is far more to them than what is seen by the public. The personal stories of the people who have been touched by Mitt Romney were not only compelling, they were so enlightening for all who wish to listen. At the end of this truncated week of GOP celebration, we know more about Mitt Romney than after 6 YEARS of the current president campaigning and holding residence in the White House.

I am old enough to remember the rise of Ronald Reagan in the republican party. From his "A Time for Choosing" speech in 1964 to this acceptance speech in 1980, we say the metamorphosis of a man who at one time had been a union leader, a person who was pro-choice and person who believed in big government. Over that 16 years of growth, we saw a man who began to solidify his views on things and became a champion of life, a rabid defender of this nation's exceptionality, and a person who tried (with limited success) to retard the growth of government and its reach into our lives. Last night, I saw a lot of Ronald Reagan on that stage and was reminded of the power of a persona that inspires confidence. I felt great about being an American last night and know that the feeling is because I saw just enough of Ronald Reagan to know that Mitt Romney is exactly the right man at the right time for this nation. Ronald Reagan was that person at that time in 1980.

There are many among us on the right side of the political philosophy aisle that are still unhappy with the candidate selected by our party. I get that. It is much like the democrats constantly being on the watch for the gold standard of democrat politicians--John F. Kennedy. Our gold standard is Ronald Reagan. As with Kennedy, democrats are in love with the myth of JFK, and for those of us who know only what we have seen presented about Ronald Reagan, we are again in love with the myth.

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What are They Thinking--Again?

I know, it’s been a couple of weeks since I have uploaded my podcasts.  I can yell at my staff, but then, I would be yelling at me in the mirror.  With school starting and trying to get ready for the republican national convention, I am a bit behind in my administrative duties.

On the eve of the nomination of Mitt Romney as the person to represent republicans in the race for president, I am amazed that there are so many people on the right side of the aisle who cannot seem to get passed the fact that their guy didn’t win and that the objective of beating Barack Obama is paramount.  I just cannot get my head around the thinking of people who bash Romney and who have been so outspoken against Obama.  Do they think that some intervention will occur that will change thing for them?  What I find most disturbing is that people who are supposedly leaders in various communities around the country seem bent on taking down the best hope of beating an individual who is Godless, has no moral center, is a pathological liar and a pathological narcissist.  The person who occupies the White House right now is a danger to this country because he is an ideologue who will do whatever it takes to dismantle all that is exceptional about America.  One does not need to look just at his words, because his actions speak so much more loudly.

I guess what bothers me most about this insidious undercurrent of distrust of Romney/Ryan is that they offer no alternative.  Those who are most vocal about the shortcomings of the Governor and/or the Congressman do not seem to have any logical conclusion to offer as to what life would be like in America with Romney as president.  We certainly know what life is going to be like with four more years of Obama, and that outcome is frightening, to say the least.  Imagine this president knowing that he will never have to answer to the American people for anything he has or will do.  Imagine what our country will be like when the FCC, the EPA, DHHS and DHS start their inexorable march to totalitarianism and the complete suppression of alternative voices.  Do these Romney detractors not realize that they will be the first marched off to the Gulag?  What is likely to occur those who offer “hate speech” from their pulpits, microphones or other media will look forward to a visit to their proctologist, because what the government will do to them will make that colonoscopy seem like a routine visit to the dentist for a cleaning.  Do you think I am kidding?  Look at the evidence.

We know for a fact that the Department of Justice is so corrupt that it cannot investigate itself.  Take the example of the DOJ having to recuse itself from the investigation of security leaks from the administration.  This means that some of those leaks came from DOJ.  Have we seen any evidence of the DOJ coming clean on Fast and Furious?  Of course not.  Have we seen evidence of the DOJ investigating voter fraud?  No, in fact, we see DOJ throwing up roadblock after roadblock to inhibit Voter ID laws across the country.  We have drone flights, lawless wiretaps, information mining and myriad other civil liberty violations, and yet, we have people on our side of the aisle who want to rant about Romney rather than show the appropriate outrage at an administration that hates the average citizen and the Constitution that binds us.


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