Friday March 25 , 2016
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Odds and Ends

As many of you know, Odds and Ends is a section of one of my two monthly newletters.  Unfortunately, I sometimes have to use this space for updating what is going on with websites, publications, etc.  Thus, I am here again to explain my failures as a blogger and recording artist.

I have been having trouble with my recording device for my podcasts.  Subsequently, I have missed three out of the last five weeks of programs.  I should be able to get them from are archives of the station, so I hope in the next couple of weeks to have all of these broadcasts captured and filed on this website.  Sorry for all of you who enjoy listening at your own times.  We are working still on getting iTunes recognition of the site so we can send them out and have them posted immediately.  Not sure why we have had such difficulties, but I have left such things to my tech helpers.

Also, this has been a particularly difficult semester at the school.  My workload for this term has been exceptionally heavy with my lecture series, my teaching load, administrative duties, and working with my colleagues on a host of issues that are so much difficult as they are time consuming.

I am also in the process of getting Serious Civics for America, Inc., up and running.  We are awaiting IRS approval of tax-exempt status.  When that occurs, we will be able to raise more money and will begin our efforts at building our production and publication output.  We have a great amount of course materials already available for production so we are eager to take the next steps.

I will be writing a series of op-ed pieces for The Iowa Republican over the next several months.  We, as conservatives, need to be guarding our flanks because we not only have the progressives after us but it also appears that the republican establishment is wanting to get rid of us.  The battle inside the republican party is far from over.  If one reviews history, we might find ourselves on the cusp of another Whig-Republican split.  Remember the republican party sprang forward because a group of whigs decided to stand on the principles that eventually led to the abolition of slavery.  Perhaps we are at the same point now with the conservatives and the rest of the republican party.

Conservatism leads one to recognize that the tent is much larger than the media might report.  If we organize and decide on a way forward, conservatives can take over the republican party and build a nation worthy of passing on to our children and grand-children.

Thanks for listening and thanks for your patience.  More later.