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The Gilberts of Bridgerule and North Petherwin



Extract from a map of 1878 showing North Petherwin, North Tamerton and Whitstone  and their proximity to Bridgerule.






My Gilbert ancestors lived in an area close to the Devon and Cornwall border.  My great-great-grandfather, Emmanuel, was born in North Petherwin and so was his father, John.

John's father and grandfather were born in North Tamerton and two earlier generations lived in Whitstone.

Unfortunately,  I hit a 'brick wall' in my research when I got back to the mid-17th century so I started looking around to see whether I could make a connection with other Gilberts living in the surrounding area. I found myself fascinated by the references to the Gilberts of Tackbear and North Petherwin and, although they may not even be related to "my" Gilberts, I began researching them instead!

This website is my attempt to publish what I know. It is far from complete and I am still adding to it. I would be very pleased for anyone to contact me to supply any of the missing bits of information or to correct errors.

I will be sticking to the spelling1 "Tackbear" throughout (except if I am quoting from a source that spells it differently), as that is the current usage. Similarly, I will also refer to it as "Manor", which again is the present name, although, over the years, it has been referred to as Tackbear House or Tackbear Farm.

Tackbear Manor



1An excellent website A Cornish Sourcebook - An Index to the Historical Place Names of Cornwall lists 25 variants of the spelling of "Tackbear". This is a great help for the identification of the name in historical documents and is also useful for providing alternative spellings to type in a search box.

I would like to thank Phyllis Naish, the webmistress of  Taccabeare Annals  for her permission to use the photo on the left.

Thanks also to thank Val who helped in my earlier research but who seems to have changed her e-mail address since!


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