To sleep, perchance to dream…

I love my sleep* more than CHOCOLATE!**

Hello, Gorgeous Ones!

Another Monday, which means it’s Manifesting Monday and I have soup to prepare for tonight and I’m not even in BED yet! (Not that I cook in bed as a general rule!) But I’ve spent a lot of time in bed this weekend, starting with Saturday.

Oh, how I love a Saturday!Cat sleeping in sun

Saturdays, for me, evoke a vision of a relaxed, languid cat, lying in the sunshine, without a care in the world. Perhaps she’s lying on the concrete path leading up to the rotary clothesline, in the backyard memories of my 1970’s childhood. Either way, I love that image, because Saturdays are sandwiched between Fridays (yay! The weekend!) And Sundays (one more sleep in!) and the delicious anticipation of sleeping-until-I-feel-healed permeates my entire being.

let her sleep Who doesn’t love sleep? I mean, seriously….. L.O.V.E it!

So why am I so reluctant to GO to sleep? Why do I resist sliding under the sweet, soft, silky cotton duvet cover and burying my head in my chosen form of nurture? I am so much more powerful when I have had enough SLEEP! If I’m to change the world, I must sleep more! From childhood, we NEVER want to go to bed. We get cranky, have tantrums and we resist so much!! But once we get there, after a calming bath, we slide into the arms of Mamma Nocturnal and we’re rocked into slumber. So why is it, I wonder, that as adults, doing waaaay more than we EVER did as little kids, carrying so much responsibility in the way of parenting, Mum’s taxi, shopping, housework, gardening, The Bins, sporting  & community commitments, Yoga (yessss!) & Candy Crush Saga ……

Candy CrushCandy Crush Saga!!! Arghhhhh! Please, God, WHY??? I’d rather stab myself in the eye with a compass! I have FRIENDS who play this stupid game and complain they have no time to exercise!!! Why????

Do some journaling and dig into your psyche, darlings!! Or, watch re-runs of Sex & The City.

Anything but that crappy game!

End of rant.  Soz!

Why then, do we deprive ourselves of one of the few FREE things that’s GUARANTEED to help us be happier, healthier & sexier?

8 hours sleep is pretty much guaranteed to help us in our weight management goals.


Yep! Enough sleep means we will be more inclined to romp in the hay! It reduces the stress hormone cortisol (the by-product of adrenalin), by way of the liver. The average 50 year old has THIRTY TIMES more cortisol than the average 30 year old. Yep – lose that shit and sex is more appealing, yes?

Speaking of which…

I’m in Queensland with my Beloved after flying to Brisbane and sharing the drive to the Cumberland Islands. By sharing, I mean that he drove most of the way, while I recovered from 3 days of serious sleep deprivation (due to a mix up about my son’s return from Europe…. He’s 19 and yes, I still worry). I think I drove for two hours total, out of twelve, but hey, I helped! :-)

It was lovely to put the seat back and sleep, albeit intermittently.  Give me a dentist’s chair, anything that tips me even slightly horizontal and I’m gone to the land of zzzz…

It’s so delicious having someone you love, do the driving for you. Even better, is being with that gorgeous-someone-you-love and feeling so comfortable that sleeping isn’t considered rude.

What a joy that is! (I mean, it’s OK if I’m sleeping while HE’S driving but not so great if he’s sleeping while he’s driving….)

Sleep is ESSENTIAL!Screen Shot 2014-07-31 at 1.58.15 am

And like so many other self-employed artists/creatives, we find that we CAN miss out on the essential ingredient; SLEEEEEEEEP……



Both of us keep strange hours, being Creative Beings and so we understand the problems of ‘I have to finish this as I am on a roll’.

So we’ve decided to bookend each day – to talk first thing in the morning & last thing at night, to be accountable (no, we don’t live in the same house…)

Having an accountability buddy is something I’ve enjoyed in 12 step work, goals & exercise, but this is the first time I’ve decided that sleep is so valuable and VITAL for me to live my authentic, powerful, incredible life, that I’ve made it a priority.

With my Beloved! The man I love more than chocolate!** How cool is that?

I’ve done a fair bit of research on sleep (as I’ve done without so much of it in my breakfast radio career) and I’ll be covering that off in our next Manifesting Monday (now every Monday until the Spring Equinox, which is only SIXTY DAYS AWAY!)

I have goals I’ve set to be completed by then, and I’m declaring here and now that (gulp) my first book is due for release in October and sleep is the ONLY way I will complete it.

Yes, I will write in my sleep!

What goals have YOU set that you MUST complete by Spring? Do you want some help from our Marvellous Manifesting Monday Master Manifesters?

Seriously, if you want to embrace some Serious Laughter & Serious Abundance while taking home some great sleep tips, join me on Monday, won’t you?

<Click here to reserve your space, limited to 20 participants>

 We start with a liquid Pro-Biotic shot (a drink, not an injection!) some organic homemade soup (by Yours Truly) and we’ll be all the more equipped for better sleep at the end of the night!

Attendees will also take home a copy of… drum roll….

Tracy’s Top Ten Tips for Super Sleep!

(I couldn’t find a sleep word starting with T… apart from torpor, which is hardly snappy!)   So, you’ll get that. And, something Paleo, for a little something with your herbal beverage.


The HUGS are the most important part of any Manifesting Monday and our HUGS are the best bit of the night. The night my beloved attended, we left out the hugs. Shame. None of my gorgeous MM gals got to hug him (shame……)! Seriously, if you’re hug deprived, come for the Hugs alone. There’s a Manifesting Monday METHOD!

Love to you all, Divine Beings!

See you on Monday night!


To sleep: perchance to dream: ay, there’s the rub. Hamlet.


(I never knew what that really meant. All I know is, if there’s a rub, there’s probably sleep, perchance to dream. Everyone loves a happy ending!)






Random Compliment Giver & Goddess
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We’re having a Manifesting Monday every week until September 22, 2014. Which means, Monday 4th August is ready to book! And the topic is COMMITMENT!

*I really want this to be true, but because I choose transparency, I have to say that I love sleep AS MUCH as I love chocolate. Organic, dark, dairy-free, raw chocolate….. I feel so much better now I have confessed!

**I think it’s time I stopped saying I love ANYTHING more than chocolate. I mean, I love my man, truly I do… and……well….I’ve just loved chocolate LONGER than I’ve loved him. That’s all. OK? Great. That’s sorted.

As you were.

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