Join performer Tracy Bartram as she delves into the life of her father Ted, a flawed but remarkable man.

My Dad – Tracy Bartram

Early one morning while filling in for Red Symons on 774 ABC Melbourne, Tracy Bartram let her listeners in on a secret – her father Ted was dying of a brain tumour.

The previous day her family had held a “wake” in his honour – a chance for family and friends to spend time with Ted before his death. This revelation prompted many callers who’d also had a celebration for a loved one whose time was near.

It had taken his illness to bring the family back together. Before being diagnosed with the tumour, Tracy had not seen her father for many years.

In this four part series Tracy Bartram delves into her late father’s life and discovers a man who was loved despite his flaws.

It’s a journey back in time through a difficult life, from his final days at the aged care home to his arrival in Australia from Britain, his time in the army and his childhood.

In part one Tracy revisits the aged care home where Ted Bartram spent the last six months of his life.

In part two Tracy talks to one of the last close friends Ted Bartram ever made.

In part three Tracy talks to her “evil wicked step-monster” Yvonne.

In part four Tracy talks to her mother about what drew her to Ted, and what tore them apart.


When I had a little B&B in the Yarra Valley a few years ago, a lovely family came to
stay and I was very happy to meet film-maker Ryan Spanger and his brood.

Funny how things turn out and year later, Ryan contacted me about a project he
was doing to showcase people who made their living being creative.  I was honoured
to be part of the project.

A whole year after we filmed it, here it is.  I am pleased to look at it and see how far
I have come in another 12 months in my personal development, and just how much
has happened for me, creatively, since then.  I really am blessed to live a creative
life and I am truly happy.  Watch out, 2012.  I’ve got a lot happening!
And please, check out Ryan’s blog. It’s cool.

Tracy Bartram hosts the Equal Love Same Sex Rally in Melbourne, August 13, 2011.

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