Oregon Wildlife Foundation
8375 Steel Bridge Road
OR 97378-9653 Sheridan
Tel.: 1-503-876-2988 FAX: 1-503-876-3038
Their EMail: Rnoble@viclink.com
Look at their web site: Oregon Wildlife Foundation

Member of the organisations:- AZA; ISIS
AZA accredited: YES
Where no information is available we enter a "0"
Total area of Zoo/Aquarium : 80.00 hectares
Entrance fee for adults is US$ 0.00
Entrance fee for children is US$ 0.00
No information found
Aproximately 0 visitors annually
6 staff are employed at the institution
Number of animals: 158 in 20 species
18 species of mammals
2 species of birds
0 species of reptiles
0 species of amphibians
0 species of fish
0 species of invertebrates
 Director: Richard Noble
 Head Vet: Paul Jones, DVM

Information last updated on : 1 SEP 03
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