Tracy Bartram Finally At 40

Back in the mix: Article/interview from The Age, 30 November 2006

Song awards jazz up the local sceneHerald Sun, 26 April 2006

All Grown Up (pdf file, 1.5mb): The Age, 8 October 2005

Madison magazine: 2004 article (pictured at top left) from Madison magazine (one of my favourites). As I read it, I am comforted by the fact that I made the right decision in leaving a job I had outgrown, and taking time out to reflect upon the direction I took next. I moved to Mix FM for two years and now I am happily filling in for 774 ABC radio whenever I am needed. I now have balance in my life.

George Negus Tonight interview: ABC TV, 8 June 2004

Tracy’s New LifeThe Age, 28 December 2003

Mixed Signals: An interesting article relating to women in the media: The Age, 11 August 2003

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