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Healthy Cooking for National Diabetes Month

November is National Diabetes Month, which is why we’re highlighting diabetes-friendly recipes on TheLatinKitchen.com and in the November issue of Latina Magazine. Developed by the authors of The Diabetes Comfort Food Diet Cookbook, these low-carb, reduced-fat, high-fiber versions of beloved Latin recipes prove that what’s good for you can also be delicious.

Based on recent research and a simple 3-step program, the cookbook transforms classic dishes – from tacos and cheeseburgers to chocolate brownies and meatloaf – into meals that promote weight loss and reverse insulin resistance.

Its 200 easy recipes prove that managing diabetes doesn’t have to mean eating bland, boring food. Simple enough to make midweek and tasty enough to please every member of the family – diabetic or not – they’re the perfect blend of what our taste buds crave and our bodies need.

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