American Association of Zoo Veterinarians
AAZV Executive Office
6 North Pernell Road
PA 19063 Media
Tel.: ++1 610 892-4812 FAX: ++ 1 610 892-4813
Their EMail:
Look at their web site: American Association of Zoo Veterinarians

Member of the organisations:-
 Randy Junge, DVM- President: email:
 Nadine Lamberski, DVM- President Elect : email:
 Joe Flanagan, DVM- Vice President: email:
 Julie Langenberg, VMD- Secretary: email:
 Douglas Armstrong, DVM- Treasurer : email:
 Ray Wack, DVM- Immediate Past President: email:
 Wilbur B. Amand, VMD- Executive Director: email:

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Information last updated on : 25 SEP 03
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