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Welcome to the Gas Subsidy Honesty website

Gas Subsidy Honesty Day

Gas Subsidy Honesty Day is set to coincide with Clean Air Day Canada, June 5, 2002.

2001 Press Release: June 6 2001, Clean Air Day Canada, to also be declared Gas Subsidy Honesty Day

Our mission is simple and is detailed in the About us page.

Looking for a Name

We were looking for an appropriate name last year. Since it was the "Gas Tax Honesty Day" campaign of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF) that sparked interest in starting this group, one suggestion has been the "Federation of Taxpayer who can Count" (FTC).

Suggested was the "Canadian Taxpayers for Common Sense" which would make a connection to the U.S. based "Taxpayers for Common Sense". They are much more credable with their numbers on transportation than the Canadian Taxpayers Federation.

Another suggestion was the "Canadian Green Taxpayers Federation", making a direct connection between our campaign and the Green Tax Shift which is an extension beyond energy and transportation of our shift of taxes off of the general income and property taxpayer and onto the consumer.

We received feedback from an unlikely source:

Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2001 18:58:36 -0500
From: Walter J. Robinson <wjr@cyberus.ca>
To: russell@flora.ca
Subject: Warning

Dear Mr. McOrmond,

I have looked at the information posted on your website 
(www.flora.org/taxpayer) and wish to inform you that Canadian Taxpayers 
Federation is a registered trademark as are a plethora of derivations of 
this name including those that employ a provincial moniker.

Your website makes clear your intention to infringe upon our trademark 
and such actions will not be tolerated.  

Walter Robinson, Federal Director
Canadian Taxpayers Federation

It is nice to know that they have noticed our campaign. Rather than threatening a lawsuit, it would have been more useful to all concedrned if they had changed their own campaign to try to reduce (rather than increase) our taxes.

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