Investment Partnerships establishes and broadens relationships with CPPIB’s external managers through private and public market funds and related co-investments. The group also makes investments based on very long term trends or themes, and has a direct private equity team focused on investing alongside our partners in Asia. 


Investment Partnerships (“IP”) maintains relationships with nearly 150 premier private equity and hedge fund managers around the globe.  Additionally, we make direct private equity investments in Asia, and identify long-term thematic opportunities.

IP is able to leverage CPPIB’s scale, long investment horizon and certainty of assets to access top-tier external partners that are not available to most investors.  We benefit from their expertise, which complements our internal capabilities.  They offer access to well-researched investment opportunities and provide in-depth analysis, experience and ongoing management services.  In turn, they value us as a highly knowledgeable investor and a trusted financial partner.

As at March 31, 3012 - Make the Private Investment item stand out.

The IP department is comprised of three groups: External Portfolio Management, Funds, Secondaries & Co-investments, and Thematic Investing.

As a global investment organization, we invest in public equities, real estate, and private equities in countries around the world. Here you can read about our holdings across these categories.