Our Tips Policy

As an award-winning people business, rewarding people fairly and showing appreciation for the hard work that everyone puts in, is central to what we stand for, so our tips policy ensures that 100% of all tips are distributed to team members with no admin fees or charges taken by the company.

Cash Tips – We expect cash tips to be distributed amongst both front- and back-of-house team members. However, there is no fixed method for doing this and it is the choice of the team members at each restaurant how cash tips should be distributed.

Non-Cash Tips – Tips left on credit cards are handled differently to cash tips, through a Tronc system. This is not run by the Company but is run independently by a local Tronc Master acting on behalf of the members of the Tronc. The Tronc Master distributes all non-cash tips in line with a set of rules which are agreed after discussion with team members at each, individual restaurant. Distribution of money from the Tronc is via the payroll, and subject to deductions for income tax at the normal rate.  No other deductions are made.

Our commitment to making Las Iguanas the first choice for people who want to work in the casual dining industry means we also continue to run an industry-leading incentives and recognition scheme for all of our dedicated staff, the people who make Las Iguanas brilliant.